Hello world!

WordPress cartoon

Welcome to dearkitty at Blogsome. This is the first post. This is a backup blog to Dear Kitty blog at ModBlog.

An email has been sent giving details how to login to the administration section.

From there you can change the design by clicking on the tab MANAGE and then click on the tab THEMES. If you have any questions ask them in the forum.

UPDATE 16 October 2006: ModBlog seems to be gone forever.

UPDATE 29 December 2011: Blogsome will probably be gone soon as well. So, we are at WordPress now, at my WordPress blog there.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi, dearkitty, I think Modblog is back. But I will use my blogsome site as a mirror site. So every blog entry will be posted here too. and That means I’ll be safe in case of a downtime. Furthermore blogsome syndicates really well with technorati and other search engines. It’s categories are automatically identified as tags. So our posts here are more search engine firendly that the other two hosts. Custom pages and most of the essential features are here. But I miss Modblog community here.


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