Vegetarian turtle recipe

This 2017 video is called How To Make Watermelon Turtles – Fruit Carving Garnish – Sushi Garnish – Food Art Decoration.

From The Sticky Tongue Project:

An Edible Turtle

The only kind of turtle that should ever be eaten … what do you think?

Edible turtle

Materials Needed For the Watermelon Turtle:

1 Oblong watermelon
Melon baller or other scoop spoon
Channel knife (you can substitute with the top of a standard vegetable peeler)
Dry erase marker
2 Peppercorns, or other eye pieces
Fruit salad
Leaves, plants, or other accents as desired
Toothpicks or other skewers

Instructions for the Watermelon Turtle:

Choose an oblong seedless watermelon for carving.
Wash watermelon and pat dry.
Cut in half lengthwise.
Hollow out both sides, using a melon baller.
Carve out block design in the bottom side, using a channel knife.
Use a dry erase marker to trace turtle shell, legs, and head on top side of watermelon.
Carve shapes with knife, and add designs with channel knife.
Add peppercorns to the eye holes to fill.
Fill bottom with fruit salad.
Attach legs and head to shell, using strong toothpicks or skewers, and put on top of salad. Add accents around base with leaves and plants.

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