Botanical garden ducks and blackbird

This morning, after the birds of the old university library, to the botanical garden.

Mallards and sculpture, 11 November 2012

In the pond, there is a sculpture of a duck. This morning, that work of art attracts a female and a male living mallard duck.

Ring-necked parakeets call.

Japanese garden, 11 November 2012

There is a Japanese garden as part of the garden, in memory of famous nineteenth-century Japanologist Philipp Franz von Siebold.

Blackbird female, 11 November 2012

A female blackbird enjoys fruit there.

Japanese garden with Von Siebold bust, 11 November 2012

Now in late autumn, still beautifully coloured leaves.

Japanese garden leaves, 11 November 2012

As we go back, two adult coots swim in the canal. They have a juvenile with them: almost as big as its parents now, but still greyish, not black like them. This is late in the year. Let us hope that this young coot will survive the winter.


13 thoughts on “Botanical garden ducks and blackbird

  1. thanks for looking at my flowers in Colombia and sharing a link. I’m glad you like Japanese gardens as I shall be staying in a hotel shortly which has a 100 acre Japanese garden! Look out for my photos when I return from China.

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