Egret, kestrel, parakeet, river birds

This is a 28 May 2017 drone flight video about the Loosdrechtse plassen.

Today, Saturday 13 October 2012.

In Oud-Loosdrecht village, house sparrows.

From the village harbour, the ship Prins Hendrik departs; to Breukelen and back.

She can carry seventy passengers, but there are not that many today.

First, the Loosdrechtse plassen lakes.

Then, the Drecht canal.

Mallards, mallard-domestic duck hybrids, and tufted ducks swimming.

In a meadow, many grey lag geese.

Two mute swans swimming.

We arrive at the Mijndense sluis lock.

It is here, because the water level of the Drecht differs from the Vecht river.

Leo Oor bridge, 13 October 2012

When we will pas the lock, the drawbridge, the Leo Oor bridge, will have to open.

Lichens and a few small plants grow on the floodgates.

Near a house on the bank, a great tit. On the chimney of the house, a jackdaw.

Two starlings sit on the top of a big horse-chestnut tree.

A black-headed gull flying.

On the Vecht river, a coot swims.

When, after going to Breukelen and going back, we are in Nieuwersluis again, a great crested grebe.

We come back at the lock. Meanwhile, four starlings on the top of the horse-chestnut. They sing.

A ring-necked parakeet, flying and calling.

Jay sounds.

On the meadow along the Drecht, again grey lag geese. Now, a great egret as well.

On top of a World War II bunker in a meadow sits a kestrel.

A great cormorant flies over the Loosdrechtse plassen lakes.

Not long before we arrive back in the harbour, a grey heron on the bank. One adult and one juvenile great crested grebe swimming.

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