Siskins and redwings

Siskins, 11 November 2012

This morning, to the old university library. Someone had seen a Bohemian waxwing in the garden there. In the trees opposite the garden, a group of male and female siskins.

Siskin, 11 November 2012

They flew away. Just one bird stayed.

Soon, that last siskin flew away as well.

Redwing eating, 11 November 2012

Then, a redwing in one of the trees.

Song thrush and berries, 11 November 2012

Every now and then, redwings flying from the trees to the garden, to eat berries. A song thrush there as well.

Male blackbird and berries, 11 November 2012

Male and female blackbirds liked the berries too.

This morning, no Bohemian waxwings here.

16 thoughts on “Siskins and redwings

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