Dictatorial Bahrain bringing democracy to Syria?

This video is called CNN – Bahrain security forces torture doctors, medics and patients.

In Bahrain, doctors are tortured and jailed because they treat patients … 11-year-old children are jailed for playing on the street … people peacefully demonstrating for democracy die from the regime’s bullets and lethal teargas … etc.

Still, the Gulf Daily News, a pro-dictatorship paper from Bahrain, writes:

Bahrain takes part in crucial Paris meeting

Posted on » Saturday, July 07, 2012

PARIS: Bahrain took part in the third ministerial meeting of the Friends of Syria, held in the French capital yesterday.

Bahrain’s Ambassador to France Dr Nasser Al Balooshi headed the kingdom’s delegation on behalf of Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

The meeting, in which more than 100 countries took part, aimed at providing support for the Syrian people to ensure their right to self-determination. …

Activation of Kofi Annan’s initiative, holding those responsible for crimes against the Syrian people, providing support for the democratic opposition, enhancing humanitarian relief and commitment to back Syrians during the transitional and reconstruction periods topped the agenda of the meeting.

Participants agreed to hold the next meeting in Morocco.

Not only Bahrain is an absolute monarchy, Morocco is as well. There, too, rappers are jailed for rapping, and police viciously attack pro-democracy activists.

Bahrain: Terrorising citizens into submission: here.

A prominent Bahraini human rights activist has been sentenced to three months in jail over comments on social networking websites, his lawyer says: here. And here. And here.

Prominent Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab [JURIST report] was sentenced to three months in prison on Monday in connection to comments he posted on his Twitter page in June: here. And here.

From Angry Arab’s chief correspondent on Bahrain: “The arrest of Nimr AlNimr is having repercussions on Bahrain. The extent of these repercussions remain to be seen. I believe that there are already small protests in Bahrain denouncing his arrest”: here.

A profile of some of the leading lights amongst the Syrian opposition provides a devastating exposé of their intimate connections with the US, British and French intelligence services and with top US neo-cons: here.

In recent months, the Pentagon has built up its forces in or near the Persian Gulf: here.

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