Moroccan pro-democracy movement and oppression

This video is called Protest demonstration Morocco Tangier April 24, 2011.

Another video from Morocco now removed from YouTube, used to say about itself (translated from Arabic):

Tangier 22 May 2011: the suppression of a demonstration by the February 20 movement. A group of girls defied repression.

Moroccan police beat up protesters: here.

Surreal politics. Bahraini officials condemn repression in Syria: here.

In Bahrain, You Can Be Penalized for an Anti-government Facebook Status: here.

14 years old boy is going to be in military trial today in Bahrain, charges unknown: here.

Human rights activist @AKHANJAR describes the torture he was subjected to in detention in Bahrain: here.

Cairo – Egypt’s top prosecutor on Tuesday ordered former President Hosni Mubarak to stand trial in connection with the killing of unarmed protesters during the 18-day-revolt that forced him from power, yielding to one of the revolution’s top demands just days before many of its organizers had vowed to return to Tahrir Square for another day of protest: here.

The Indignation in Spain Rises Gently From the Plains. Kieran Manjannez, Woodchip Gazette: “For the past week, in anticipation of local elections this weekend (May 21-22), Spanish students and young people defied legal injunctions and held protests in the country’s major cities. An estimated 10,000 ‘indignados‘ (indignant ones) crowded into Madrid’s Puerta del Sol plaza and published a co-ordinated Communique or Manifesto [1] on line. The protests and the expected defeat of the ‘socialists’ at the polls highlights the international nature of the economic crisis and the ideological challenges facing the would-be left”: here.

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