Morocco demonstrations, 20 February

Morocco protest

From Ennahar Online:

Demonstration against monarchy in Morocco and Bahrain

16 February, 2011 12:17:00

Organizations, associations and opposition political parties, in addition to human rights activists and bloggers, called for a general demonstration on Moroccan territory on the twentieth of this month, requesting the change of the Constitution and the regime.

A group of bloggers, who called themselves “Moroccan movement of 20 February” call for protests to fix what they call the ten mistakes of King Mohamed VI. Leads the change of the monarchy which they believe is the cause of the decline of Morocco which still lives at the times of the middle-ages.

These criticize King Mohammed VI, for having monopolized all the powers. They also criticize corruption practices in the royal palaces by people close to the king. They reject the tradition of kissing the hand and prostration before the king, which they considered a great humiliation.

Several political parties, associations and organizations, such as the Amazigh Congress, the Confederation of Labour, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights and some other Islamist opposition parties, have joined the movement.

The reaction of the royal palace was done by convening the leaders of political parties represented in Parliament by the Ministry of Interior.

The Moroccan Prime Minister Abbas el-Fassi, met with Moroccan party leaders in his home where he asked them to call their supporters to side with the regime.

Morocco has experienced a wave of protests last week, asking for the first time, for change of the regime, creating panic among the security apparatus, when such marches in support of the king turned into protests against his policy.

In Bahrain, two Shiite demonstrators were killed when security forces dispersed anti-government protests, which continued Tuesday, according to the opposition and an official source.

These demonstrations, particularly in Shiite villages, began Monday at the initiative of Internet users who have called on Facebook to protest to demand political and social reforms in the wake of riots in Tunisia and Egypt.

Bahrain, a small Gulf Shiite majority but ruled by a Sunni dynasty, is the poorest country next to the other oil monarchies of the region, its oil reserves had virtually dried up.

A young protester, Ali Mcheimeh, injured Monday night died from his injuries Tuesday morning and a second protester was killed during his funeral Tuesday.

Mcheimeh Ali had been hit during the dispersal of a demonstration in the Shiite village of Diya, east of Manama, witnesses said.

The Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement that the boy had died “as a result of his injuries,” indicating that an investigation would be opened to determine whether security forces had “had an unwarranted use of weapons.”

On Monday, police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in several Shiite villages, as Darraz, west of Manama, Sitra (east), Balad Al-Qadim and Jed Hafs (center), witnesses said.

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    Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Cairo)

    Morocco – the Police Forces Repress the Sharai Demonstration Violently Which Led to Several Injuries

    12 November 2012

    ANHRI condemns repressing the peaceful demonstrations that took place in “ElYoen” and “Klimim” to memorize the second anniversary of “Akdim Ezk”, through using the excessive force on Thursday November 8, 2012.

    Police members in civil costume in addition to the back up forces have repressed the peaceful demonstrations which erupted in ElYoen, to memorize the second anniversary of “Akdim Ezk”. The forces used the excessive force to disperse the demonstration and used violence to kill dozens of the civil Sharai demonstrators which led to several injuries in addition to the arrest of many of them.

    It is worthy to be mentioned that the Moroccan authorities siege the city of “ElYoen” in the same day of the demonstrations using several police cars.

    The same applied to the city of “Klimim”, in which a peaceful march in the liberty square was organized in the street of Mustafa El Sayed “used to known as Elgaded street” to memorize the second anniversary of the massacre of “Akdim Ezk”. The police forces used excessive force against it which led to several injuries and several arrests.

    Previously the authorities have repressed the demonstrations that took place in the city of ElYoen and caused injuries to several activists.

    ANHRI said that “the attack on the peaceful demonstrations and wounded activists is blatant violation to the freedom of opinion and expression. Suppression became the only method used by the Moroccan authorities to address the peaceful demonstrations and the same method of security of using the excessive violence to abuse the human body and the arrest of demonstrators, in an attempt to infanticide the popular movement which took place in the country. Such acts are clear in the Western Sahara region, which is witnessing widespread protests that calls for the right to self-determination”.

    ANHRI calls for the need to enforce the law and open an immediate investigation regarding these attacks and to hold those who were involved in the attack on the activists and bring them to justice.

    ANHRI asserted on the significance of the effective discussion between the authorities and the citizens of Sharaa to define their calls and discuss it with them, in order to have pleasant solutions for both sides without using repression which will led only to escalate their demands.


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