‘Portuguese austerity is illegal’

This video is called Portuguese to strike over austerity measures.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Portuguese government cuts thrown out

Friday 06 July 2012

Lisbon’s Constitutional Court struck down a government measure to cut public-sector wages and conditions late on Thursday.

The decision is a huge setback to the centre-right government’s efforts to reduce its budget deficit.

The IMF, European Central Bank and World Bank advanced Portugal a €78 billion (£62bn) bailout loan last year supposedly to spare the country from looming bankruptcy.

But the lenders’ conditions specified that in return for the money, Portugal has to drive down its deficit to 3 per cent of gross domestic product next year. It was 9.8 per cent in 2010.

As part of that effort, the government had scrapped the Christmas and vacation bonuses of public-sector workers and pensioners.

But the constitutional court has declared that targeting the public sector is unconstitutional, saying that it contravened guarantees of equality.

Greece‘s ruling coalition unveiled an “everything must go” sale of the country’s assets over the weekend as Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras gushed that privatisation was his “top priority”: here.

8 thoughts on “‘Portuguese austerity is illegal’

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  2. Portuguese health workers in 48-hour strike over cuts

    Doctors and nurses across Portugal staged a 48-hour strike Wednesday and Thursday, to protest cuts to health spending.

    The government is slashing €800 million ($985 million) from the health budget, as part of an unprecedented austerity programme made in return for a €78 billion ($96 billion) bailout last year.

    Doctors are working excessive hours and are protesting against the increasing use of private companies to provide public services. The government has also increased charges for some services.

    Hundreds of doctors dressed in white smocks protested in the capital city of Lisbon on Wednesday, with some wearing black armbands to mourn the death of the health service.

    Placards reading, “Access for all and not just the rich” were displayed outside the health ministry. The strike affected 400,000 medical appointments and 4,500 operations were cancelled.



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