Bahrain dictatorship arrests child for playing

This video is called Child freed in Bahrain after weeks in jail.

From Al Jazeera:

Bahraini boy describes arrest and detention

11-year-old accused of “joining an illegal gathering” tells Al Jazeera how he was chased down while playing in street.

Last Modified: 12 Jun 2012 17:41

An 11-year-old boy detained for nearly a month in Bahrain has described his time in custody to Al Jazeera, saying that police accused him of taking part in violent protests.

Ali Hasan was arrested last month, and was released without bail on Monday, though his trial is set to continue on June 20.

In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, he said he was arrested the day after protesters blocked off a street in Bilad al-Qadeem, his neighbourhood in Manama.

“It was Saturday, and we were playing,” he said. “They came and blocked the street, and then left, so we went back out and played a game, and then some civilians came and took pictures of us. The next day we went to play on the high street, and then a police patrol came and chased us.”

Hasan was chased down and arrested, and the police accused him of “burning tyres and being violent,” he said.

A ‘political prisoner’

He still faces charges of “joining an illegal gathering” and other claims related to the ongoing unrest in the troubled Gulf nation. One of his lawyers, Shahzlan Khamis, described him as a political prisoner. …

Hasan was forced to take his school exams while in custody. Rights groups say he is one of the youngest people to be detained since an ongoing pro-democracy uprising began in February 2011.

The BCHR also reported on the detention of two 13-year-old boys by police at the end of April.

Human rights ambassador William Gomes contacts Bahrain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs over the arrest of a prominent activist- all over 6 Tweets: here.

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