Bahrain regime kills again

This video is called Lethal Use of Tear Gas in Bahrain from Amber Lyon of CNN.

Two more deaths in Bahrain due to teargas, activist beaten, and other updates: here.

Bahrain Special: The Air Show, the “Black Smoke” Campaign, and the Dark Arts of Regime Propaganda: here.

Bahrain: Widespread Crackdown; Systematic Abuse. Release People Convicted for Nonviolent Political Offenses: here.

9 thoughts on “Bahrain regime kills again

  1. US relocates Bahrain embassy staff in safety move

    (AFP) – 9 hours ago

    WASHINGTON — The United States said Monday it is relocating embassy staff and their families to new neighborhoods in Bahrain’s capital Manama as part of safety precautions amid anti-government unrest.

    Tensions have remained high in Bahrain since a brutal government crackdown on pro-democracy protests in mid-March led to the death of 35 people. Sporadic violence has been on the upturn in recent weeks.

    “The recent increase in violent demonstrations along the Budaiya Highway corridor has led to traffic disruptions, effectively restricting travel for those living in the area,” the State Department said in a new travel alert.

    “The resulting inability to leave one’s home for an extended period poses significant safety and security concerns,” it said.

    “As a result, embassy employees and their dependents are being relocated to different neighborhoods,” according to the alert that supersedes one issued on November 18 last year.

    “We continue to urge US citizens to follow the latest security guidance and to avoid demonstrations.”

    The State Department found no signs that Americans are being “targeted directly” but cited “isolated examples of anti-US sentiment” taking place on the streets while “US flags have occasionally been burned” during protests.

    Copyright © 2012 AFP.


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