Texel butterfly and bee news

This video is about mating of the silver-studded blue butterfly (Plebejus argus, family Lycaenidae). ‘The blue one on the left was male, while the orange one on the right was female. Mid-June 2013 in Japan.’

Translated from wildlife ranger Erik van der Spek on Texel island in the Netherlands:

Silver studded blues enjoy the beautiful weather on Texel

Posted on June 30, 2012

In the National Park Dunes of Texel the silver studded blue butterflies fly now. These rare butterflies are found on the heather of the old Mient land between Den Hoorn and De Koog. The caterpillars mainly eat heather. The butterflies fly from June to August.

Parnassius apollo butterfly photos: here.

Also translated from Erik van der Spek:

Panurgus banksianus bees also occur in polder Ceres on Texel

Posted on June 30, 2012

The Panurgus banksianus bee is a species that is found especially in the eastern Netherlands and at one single spot in the western dunes. On Texel, this species is known from the Zandkuil nature reserve, where there’s a large population. The other observations of Texel so far are from the Hoge Berg area. Today it was proved that the species also occurs in the polder Ceres. Panurgus banksianus collects pollen on yellow composites like cat’s ear, smooth hawksbeard and dandelion.

Texel bees and flowers: here.

Dasypoda hirtipes bees on Texel: here.

Bees of the Dutch Wadden Sea islands: here.

Colletes halophilus bees on Texel: here.

Zandkuil on Texel: here. And here.

Dasypoda hirtipes in Oostvaardersplassen national park: here.

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