Freshwater fish of Wadden Sea islands

This video is called トゲウオの巣卵ファンニング行動 Freshwater fish Ninespine stickleback fanning his nest.

Translated from ichthyologist Gerbrand Gaaff in the Netherlands:

Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland have a freshwater fish fauna with very few species. Actually only the ninespine stickleback plays a significant role there. In addition, on both islands also Prussian carp (a carp relative) are sometimes caught. The sweet waters of the other three islands are also inhabited by perch, roach, bream, silver bream, common rudd, carp and pike. The zander lives only on Texel and the tench only on Terschelling.

See also the table here.

This site says that the goldfish (domesticated form of the Prussian carp), probably released from aquariums, is the only freshwater fish of Vlieland.

Dutch Wadden Sea fish site: here.

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