Dutch sea eaglets born

This video is about the first Dutch sea eagle nest in the Oostvaarderplassen nature reserve, five years ago. Probably the baby eagle in this video is now, five years later, the mother of the new Roggebotzand nest.

Translated from daily Trouw in the Netherlands:

Instant success for nesting white-tailed eagles

11/05/12, 14:18 – Source: ANP

A sea eagle couple, which this year attempted for the first time to breed in the Roggebotzand nature reserve between Dronten and Kampen, has had immediate success. Ranger Egbert of Wijhe today announced that two eaglets are in the nest.

The successful breeding attempt is special because white-tailed eagles are very rare. In the Netherlands only a handful of these big birds nest. Van Wijhe says that apart from this case they live only in the Oostvaardersplassen, the Biesbosch and the Lauwersmeer. The female of the successful young couple was the first eaglet born in the Oostvaardersplassen

where the first eagle nest of the Netherlands was, after an absence of centuries

about 5 years ago.

The newborn eagles are estimated to be two weeks old and will fly for the first time in about a month’s time. Then they’ll stay for at least another six months with their parents.

The male eagle of this couple was born in the Danish-German border area.

May 2012. Nesting White-tailed Eagles have been confirmed on a small island on Lough Derg, near Mountshannon in County Clare, which marks the first documented evidence of breeding since the species became extinct from Ireland over 100 years ago: here.

Although the chick didn’t fledge this year, encouraging signs from young pair. May 2012. A pair of rare White-tailed Eagles nesting near Mountshannon, in Co. Clare, has failed in their nesting attempt. This was the first nesting of the species in Ireland in over 100 years and hopes were high that the young pair would be successful on their first attempt at breeding: here.

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