Shoe thrown at Breivik

This video is called Victim / Eye witness from Utøya shooting Oslo 22 July 2011.

Not only Iraqi journalists throw shoes at individuals accused of mass killing … in a trial where Breivik groupies threaten the life of an Iraqi refugee, a witness to Breivik’s mass murder

From AFP news agency:

Shoe hurled at Breivik at trial

2012-05-11 13:01

Oslo – A family member of one of the victims of Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik threw a shoe at him in court on Friday, screaming “you killer, go to Hell!”

The shoe attack, which came as a coroner presented more autopsy reports on the mostly-young victims of the July massacre at Utoya Island was followed by applause, “bravos” and tears among onlookers in the courtroom, and led to a temporary suspension of proceedings on the 17th day of the trial.

The black shoe did not hit Breivik but landed on one of his lawyers, Vibeke Hein Baera, who sits between the accused and the onlookers.

“Luckily, it was just a shoe,” Hein Baera said after the incident.

The attacker, a man of Iraqi origin whose brother was one of the 69 people Breivik shot dead on Utoya on 22 July, was quickly brought under control by security guards and escorted out of the courtroom as he continued to shout in English: “Go to Hell!”

The shoe attack was the first serious incident since the beginning of the 33-year-old right-wing extremist’s trial on 16 April.

Breivik has been charged with committing terrorist acts on 22 July when he killed a total of 77 people by first bombing a government building in Oslo before going on a shooting rampage on Utoya, where the ruling Labour Party’s youth wing was hosting a summer camp.

He has confessed to the acts but has refused to plead guilty, insisting his massacres were “cruel but necessary” to stop the Labour Party’s “multicultural experiment” and the “Muslim invasion” of Norway and Europe.

His mainly young victims were “legitimate targets”, he said.

The proceedings have so far been marked by tears and embraces among the survivors and victims’ family members gathered in the courtroom, but until Friday none of the onlookers had directly addressed the confessed killer.

From the BBC:

“You killed my brother! Go to hell!” the relative screamed in the courtroom.

The shoe-throwing incident brought spontaneous applause from members of the public in the courtroom.

A man suspected of racist shootings which left three dead and struck fear into Sweden’s immigrant community went on trial in Malmo today: here.

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  2. Neofascists turn out in Stavanger

    NORWAY: About 40 neofascists have held a protest against what they call the “Islamisation of Norway and Europe.”

    The demonstration in Stavanger was held on Saturday by the Norwegian Defence League, an anti-Islam organisation closely associated with the English Defence League.

    A recent parliamentary decision to amend the country’s constitution to separate the state from the church means that Norway no longer has a state religion and all religions will be treated equally.


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