Lauwersmeer sea eaglet fledged

This is a Dutch regional TV video on the Lauwersmeer sea eaglet.

Translated from an e-mail from the Dutch Wadden Sea Conservation Society of today:

The sea eaglet in the Lauwersmeer nature reserve has fledged. Government foresters have found this out. The chick hatched in late April. It was the first successful breeding attempt of the white-tailed eagle couple in the Lauwersmeer.

The young sea eagle now is as big as its parents, which means it weighs about eight kilogram and has a wingspan of over two meters. The foresters would like to hear from birdwatchers whether they have seen the juvenile eagle. On the ring on the leg of the eagle there is the code A4Y1. This code is well noticeable for birders who are equipped with good binoculars.

January 2012: the young eagle is in the Zuidlaardermeer area.

August 2011: Sixteen white-tailed sea eagles have taken their first flight in Scottish skies, as a successful reintroduction programme enters its penultimate year: here.

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