Tell Me About Yourself Award, thanks Joëlle Jean-Baptiste!

Tell Me About Yourself Award

Joëlle Jean-Baptiste was so kind to nominate this blog for an award.

It is the Tell Me About Yourself Award.

The rules for the award are:

1 Thanking Joëlle Jean-Baptiste

I thank Joëlle Jean-Baptiste for thinking about this web log. Her blog has many of her fine writings, from poetry to film scenarios.

2 Seven things about me that I haven’t shared:

1. Very recently, I saw beautiful sea eagles. I will blog about them soon.

2. Tomorrow in my city, there will be a festival with a parade. Before I will go to see it, I will have to bring mail wrongly put into my mailbox to the correct address. Privatizing the mail service meant sacking experienced mail workers, replacing them with unskilled people who often put the mail in the wrong boxes.

3. When I was at primary school, I wrote about fungi and put pictures next to the writing.

4. Also at primary school, I wrote about seventeenth century painters. I added postcards and other pictures.

5. At secondary school, I wrote about the two castles in the city.

6. I also wrote about neo-nazis.

7. When I was at secondary school, I lectured on sculptor Shinkichi Tajiri.

3 Nominate 7 people [and link to their blogs; and notify them at their blogs]:

1 natycalinescu

2 deeacalinescu

3 dragoscalinescu

4 kofegeek

5 VisualRiver’s Blog

6 johncoyote

7 artmark, oil paintings by mark toner

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