Turnstones in winter, video

This 14 January 2017 video shows turnstones at Lauwersoog harbour in the Netherlands.

Bittern in reed bed, video

This video shows a bittern in a reed bed in Lauwersmeer national park in the Netherlands.

Piet Zuidema made this video.

Enormous starling murmuration, video

This video shows a big starling murmuration in Lauwersmeer national park in the Netherlands; just before sunset and the birds going to sleep in the reed beds.

Doede Douma made this video on 13 February 2016.

Bittern in winter, video

This video shows a bittern, walking along a reed bed bank on a winter’s day in Lauwersmeer national park in the Netherlands.

Kees Verheij made the video.

Rough-legged buzzard hovering, video

This 20 December 2015 video shows a rough-legged buzzard hovering, at De Pomp, Lauwersmeer national park, the Netherlands.

More about rough-legged buzzards in the Netherlands is here.

Snow bunting couple looks for food, video

This video shows a male and a female snow bunting in winter plumage, looking for food near the harbour of Lauwersoog, in Lauwersmeer national park in the Netherlands.

Usually, snow buntings wintering in the Netherlands migrate back to their Arctic breeding grounds in March.

Maria Woortman made this video.

Good sea-trout news from the Netherlands

This spring, young sea-trout were freed in streams in Drenthe province in the Netherlands. This species used to live there, but had become extinct.

As the video shows, on 20 October 2015 the young trout were caught, measured and freed again, to find out how well they are doing. It turned out they were growing up well.

If all will go well, then they will migrate to the Lauwersmeer, and then to the sea.