Sarkozy, bye bye!

This music video is called BYE BYE NICOLAS SARKOZY.

The polling stations in France are closed now.

According to French daily Le Monde tonight, French Rightist President Nicolas Sarkozy lost today’s presidential elections.

François Hollande, the Socialist party candidate, had 51,9% of the exit poll votes, and is the new president.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. One may hope that for once in his life, Sarkozy will keep a promise and get out of all politics.

20 thoughts on “Sarkozy, bye bye!

  1. Hi,
    I hope the election goes well for everyone, good luck.
    We don’t have a major election till next year here in Australia, and I think our government will change also.


    • If the government changes in Australia, then it is to be hoped that the present “Labor” administration which is not really Labor but pro-big business, will be defeated not by the “Liberals” (conservatives), even further to the right, but by parties to their left.


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