British massacre in Malaysia investigated

This video is called Justice sought over Malaysia massacre – 02 July 09.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Massacre relatives in inquiry bid

Sunday 06 May 2012

Relatives of unarmed Malaysian rubber plantation workers slaughtered by British troops in 1948 will make a High Court bid for a public inquiry into the killings this week.

The government’s refusal to hold a formal investigation into the Batang Kali massacre will be challenged during a two-day judicial review hearing.

Family members of the victims will ask the court to quash the government’s 2010 decision against holding an inquiry.

The massacre occurred on December 12 1948 while British troops were trying to put down the Communist insurgency known as the Malayan Emergency.

Successive British governments have covered up the massacre of 24 unarmed Malaysian rubber plantation workers by British troops in 1948, a lawyer representing relatives of the victims claimed on Monday: here.

Campaigners calling for an official investigation into the massacre of 24 Malaysian rubber plantation workers by British troops more than 60 years ago lost a High Court fight today: here.

This week the relatives of those mudered in a massacre by British troops in colonial Malaya lost their High Court battle to force the British government to hold an inquiry into the killings: here.

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    MALAYSIA: Australian mining firm Lynas Corp said today that it has finally been given a permit to switch on a “rare earths” mine to extract valuable minerals in the east of the country.

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