Greek pro-poverty coalition loses, Leftists, nazis win

This video says about itself:

Striking Greek workers have brought the Athens metro to a standstill and kept ferries docked in protest against austerity measures, as the country’s lenders visited the capital to try to avert a debt default.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports from Athens.

From Keep Talking Greece blog:

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Greek Elections 2012: EXIT POLLS

Greeks decided! To give a big slap in the face of the Greek political system. EXIT POLLS announced just a couple of minutes ago show historical low rates for Nea Dimocratia and PASOK, and high rates for left SYRIZA, right/nationalist INDEPENDENT GREEKS and extreme-right CHRYSI AVGI.

According to pollster Nikolakoulos (MEGA TV) seven parties enter the Greek parliament, while two more (LAOS, Eco-Greens) struggle to pass the 3% threshold.

LAOS is a xenophobic extreme Right party, comparable to Geert Wilders’ PVV in the Netherlands, which was part of the austerity coalition until recently. Presumable, most of their votes have deserted them for the openly Hitlerite nazi Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) party.

The most crucial issues of these elections are 1) the percentage of the winner 2) the difference to the second party 3) whether the pro or contra loan agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) front will prevail.

Exit Polls only ‘describe’ the elections outcome. They are conducted with randomly asked voters after they have voted and exited the polling centres. First official results are expected after 09:00-09:30 pm.


07:01 pm


Nea Dimocratia (Conservative/Samaras): 17-20 %

PASOK (Socialists/ Venizelos): 14-17 %

SYRIZA (Left-wing/Tsipras): 15.5-18.5 %

KKE (Communists/Papariga): 7.5-9.5 %

Democratic Left (left/Kouvelis): 4.5-6.5 %

Independent Greeks (right/Kammenos): 10-12 %

LAOS (right/Karatzaferis): struggling for 3%

Chrysi Avgi (extreme-right/Michaloliakos): 6-8%

Eco-Greens: struggling for 3%

Democratic Alliance (liberal/Bakoyanni) 2.5%

Other (Parties with less than 2%): %

Scenarios about the next Greek coalition government are running high – even though the political results (final rates and seats allocation are still due). what could be the next Greek government? A coalition of ND-PASOK- SYRIZA-INDEP GREEKS?

07:30 pm

There can be only very wild guess about the seats distributions based on exit polls

ND Samaras dropped the idea of calling new elections – Once he is assigned tomorrow, he will start immediately exploratory talks to form a coalition government (Mega TV)

Read our article about the procedures and time schedule to form a government if no party wins absolute majority.

07:37 PM

Venizelos (PASOK) banned party officials from mass media appearences until the first political results are released by the Interior Ministry.

07:41 pm

4 October 2009 results: PASOK 43.92% – ND 33.48% – KKE 7.54% – LAOS 5.63% -SYRIZA 4.60%

based on exit polls, PASOK lost voters mainly to SYRIZA; ND and LAOS lost voters mainly to INDEP GREEKS & CHRYSI AVGI

07:49 pm

ND and PASOK voters (of 2009) considered SYRIZA proposal for a coalition government of the Greek left as realistic (mega tv)

07:53 pm

France exit polls show Hollande winner with 53% .

07:55 pm

Almost 55% of the voters chose anti-memorandum (loan-agreement) parties, 36.4% chose pro memorandum (ALCO Exit Poll)

08:05 pm

Parliament Seats (300) Distribution according to exit polls by PUBLIC ISSUE

ND 108-120 (incl 50 seats bonus)

SYRIZA 40-51

PASOK 37-48

KKE 21-30




Eco-Greens 0-11

LAOS 0-8


08:15 pm

Mega TV pollster confirmed ND first party at 90%, SYRIZA second, PASOK third….

ND may win one percent and get 18-21%.

currently 3 parties at 3% threshold (LAOS, ECO-Greens, DEMALL)

08:23 pm

Samaras ND to propose a 20-points coalition government plan to …PASOK (Mega TV). Although it looks it will be 3rd party!

08:27 pm

Many Greeks worry about extremist Chrysi Avgi entering the Palriament. Blame pro-memorandum PASOK/ND for failing to have addressed the illegal immigrants and crime issues.

The real problem is that they helped the nazis by treating refugees like criminals, and opening a concentration camp.

08:32 pm

Greek Interior Ministry started to post official results:

SYRIZA comes first in Athens A’ and B’ area, Nea Dimocratia in the country side.

08:39 pm

Adjustment of Exit Polls with first real results (source: Mega TV):

ND 19-20.5% SYRIZA 15.5-17% PASOK 13-14%

INDEPGREEKS 10-11% KKE 8-9.5% DEMLEFT 5.5-6.5%



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