French ex-president Sarkozy suspected of corruption

This 21 July 2014 video is called BREAKING NEWS – French ex President Sarkozy held over influence claims.

From Agence France-Presse in Paris:

Nicolas Sarkozy detained for questioning for alleged corruption

Unprecedented move against a former French president as investigators also question his lawyer and two magistrates

Tuesday 1 July 2014 08.26 BST

Nicolas Sarkozy was detained for questioning on Tuesday as part of a widening corruption inquiry in an unprecedented move against a former French president.

Anti-corruption investigators can hold Sarkozy for questioning for up to 24 hours, with a possible extension of another day.

Sarkozy had turned himself in for questioning a day after investigators detained his lawyer, Thierry Herzog, and two magistrates.

The investigators are seeking to establish if the former president, with the help of Herzog, tried to pervert the course of justice.

They suspect Sarkozy, 59, sought to obtain inside information from one of the magistrates about the progress of another inquiry and that he was tipped off that his mobile phone had been tapped by judges looking into the alleged financing of his 2007 election campaign by former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The case could prove devastating for Sarkozy‘s hopes of a political comeback in time for the 2017 presidential campaign.

See also here. And here.

26 thoughts on “French ex-president Sarkozy suspected of corruption

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