Dutch Wilders supporter threatens immigrant MP’s life

This video is called Norway witnesses recount Utoya attack.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

Dibi reports StopLinks to the police

Member of Parliament for the Green Left party, Tofik Dibi, will report his enemy’s twitter account, Stoplinks

Dutch for Stop the Left

, to the police. The tweet about him, “Destroy this Moroccan bug! PVV

Geert Wilders’ xenophobic party. Dibi is of Moroccan ancestry.

number one!” goes too far, Dibi says.

He says that he likes to communicate with PVV supporters, but that inciting violence crosses the limit. “Especially in the light of the attacks in Norway,” said Dibi.

Earlier on, the politician asked for a debate about the links between the ideas of the perpetrator of the attacks in Norway and ideas which exist in our country, for example among PVV voters.

2 thoughts on “Dutch Wilders supporter threatens immigrant MP’s life

  1. Sacked PVV councillor starts his own party

    Tuesday 17 January 2012

    Anti-Islam PVV councillor Cor Bosman, who was thrown out of his party for his ‘Turkish pig’ email, is to retain his seat on Limburg’s provincial council as the only member of his new party, the Party for Quality of Life and Democracy.

    Bosman’s email was sent a year ago and called a Labour (PvdA) colleague ‘a piece of sicked-up halal meat made from a Turkish pig’.

    When the email came to public attention recently, Bosman was sacked by the PVV, despite his claim the email was meant as sarcasm.

    He will continue to support the provincial council from his new party, he told local broadcaster L1 in an interview.

    It is customary in Dutch politics for councillors and MPs who leave a political party to remain in the job rather than stand down and let a new representative take over.

    © DutchNews.nl


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