Iraqi refugee Breivik victim buried in Norway

Bano Rashid, Kurdish Iraqi refugee victim of Breivik


Bano’s Beautiful Face Seems To Shyly Ask The Question Why

Oslo : Norway | Jul 28, 2011

By Robert Weller

Her beautiful, smiling face, and rose next to it, stopped me short faster than Google could complete its translation of Norwegian into English.

“Sun Rays” Bano (18) will be the first to be buried. Yes, a Muslim.

She was [an] 18-year-old Kurdish refugee from Iraq, who for nearly 15 years had found peace in idyllic Norway. It is unlikely she ever expected to die the same the kind of death she might have if she had stayed home in the Middle East.

“There is no way to peace. Peace is is the way. Peace is life.” I found that on a Norwegian site. I can’t find it again.

Bano Rashid and her family had fled Iraq in 1996. She was thriving with her sister, and family, and thus earned the nickname Sun Rays. Her sister escaped the killing fields on Utoya Island. Her brother did not go to the Labor Party Youth Camp.

Meanwhile, Bano has been buried, as the first victim of racist socialist-hating mass murderer Anders Breivik.

Repression in Iraqi Kurdistan: here.

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