Australian sea-eagle nest webcam

This is a white-bellied sea eagle video.

From BirdLife:

The eagles have landed (online)

Fri, Jul 29, 2011

Birds Australia (BirdLife Partner) have launched EagleCAM – a live 24-hour remote video feed brought to you from the Discovery Centre in Sydney. It provides scientists, researchers and bird lovers with unique insight into the habits of a pair of nesting White-bellied Sea-Eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster. …

Right now the sea-eagles are sitting on two eggs, and are taking turns to closely guard the nest through rain, wind, hail and shine. The eggs, which were laid in early July, are due to hatch in mid August.

A budding internet phenomenon, Birds Australia’s (BirdLife Partner) nest monitoring camera has been transmitting live online footage of a family of White-bellied Sea-Eagles in Sydney since early August: here.

Members of Birds Australia (BirdLife Partner) and Bird Observation & Conservation Australia (BOCA) recently voted on whether our two organisations should merge. Members of both organisations voted for the merger to create ‘BirdLife Australia’: here.

A new day begins in the Australian Bush. The melodious song of Magpies and the chuckling of Kookaburras may be heard among a beautiful tapestry of morning birdsong: here.

Melodious Pied Butcherbirds in the Australian Outback, Ormiston Gorge: here.


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