12 thoughts on “Victory for bigotry in India

  1. Petrol increase draws protest

    India: The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) urged the central government today to scrap deregulation in petrol pricing after state oil companies bumped up prices twice in the past three weeks.

    “By deregulating petrol pricing, the government has opened the way for successive hikes in prices,” the CPI-M politburo said.

    Calling for greater transparency in economic decision making, it warned that those suffering from continuous food inflation would be even harder hit.


  2. INDIA: A woman in north-east India reached 10 years on hunger strike today.Irom Sharmila began to refuse food and water on November 4 2000 in protest at the Armed Forces Special Powers Act which allows the military to arrest or kill anyone suspected of being a rebel. Her action was in response to soldiers killing 10 civilians at a bus stop.She was arrested shortly afterwards.She is still alive because Manipur state authorities have been force-feeding her through her nose.


  3. Court suspends holy site ruling

    INDIA: A New Delhi court has suspended a ruling that divided a holy site in Ayodha between Hindus and Muslims.

    The Supreme Court suspended the September decision by a lower court that the site of the Babri Mosque should be split, with the Muslim community getting control of one-third and two Hindu groups splitting the rest.

    Tens of thousands of Hindu extremists ripped the mosque apart in 1992.
    The demolition sparked nationwide riots that killed 2,000 people.


  4. BJP tells disgraced minister to go

    INDIA: The Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asked the chief minister of Karnataka state — a party member — to resign today after an anti-corruption panel indicted him and hundreds of other officials for taking millions in bribes.

    Party spokeswoman Nirmala Seetharamam said: “BS Yeddyurappa has been asked to resign and a new leader will be chosen in his place.”

    The corruption probe had recommended that he face prosecution for handing out mining contracts in return for bribes.


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  8. Indian judicial system driven by Hindutva

    Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), India

    We condemn the Indian government in the strongest possible terms for hanging Mohammad Afzal Guru at Tihar Jail in a dastardly manner. The process of his arrest, trial, his sentencing by the lower court and the upholding of the death sentence by the Supreme Court, the rejection of his petition to the president, denial of his right to a judicial review of this rejection, and finally his secret hanging – all point towards the farcical nature of Indian judiciary and the complicity of the entire present political system in persecuting political dissidents.


  9. Socialists quit NDA alliance in protest

    INDIA: Socialist party Janata Dal (United) left the opposition National Democratic Alliance today after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was picked to head the group.

    Janata Dal head Sharad Yadav said that Mr Modi, of Hindu nationalist party BJP, was unsuitable as he is accused of turning a blind eye to anti-Muslim riots in 2002 that left over 1,000 people dead.


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