Stop Britain’s war in Afghanistan

By the Stop the War Coalition in Britain today:

The main political parties in the coming general election don’t want to mention the war because they know it is opposed by the majority of the electorate, who want all the British troops withdrawn. We have now had nine years of wars that the British public did not support, and which have brought millions onto the streets to protest.

This year the government will spend £3.8 billion on the war in Afghanistan, almost the same amount it plans to cut from the National Health Service. While Labour, the Conservatives and Liberals all propose savage cuts in public expenditure to pay for the economic crisis, but the one cut none of them is proposing is in the billions being spent on a war which most voters oppose.

Stop the War is going to give electors the opportunity to ask the candidates in their local constituency where they stand on the issue of Afghanistan and the “war on terror” (watch this space), and we are organising a series of debates, hustings, meetings and other events around the country to ensure that the issue of the war is not ignored by those seeking our votes.

As part of our election campaign we are publishing this week two new pamphlets:

Afghanistan: 10 Reasons Why the Troops Should Come Home Now

• The Cost of War: Why the Troops Should Come Home

This video from the USA is called Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 3): Cost of War.

US military covering up civilian killings in Iraq and Afghanistan: here.

USA: Joblessness hits male vets of current wars: here.

Thousands of Germans took to the streets in this year’s Easter Marches, following a yearly tradition going back half a century to early anti-nuclear protests. Gathering in 30 different cities, the demonstrators called for nuclear disarmament and an end to the war in Afghanistan: here.

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