15 thoughts on “‘New’ Labourite Blears resigns in corruption scandal

  1. New questions for minister

    Expenses scandal: Fresh questions are being asked about the expenses of government minister Shahid Malik after it was reported he claimed at least £6,500 for a second office alongside his taxpayer-funded constituency office.

    The Dewsbury MP returned to government on Wednesday as Junior Communities Minister after a watchdog inquiry cleared him of breaching the ministerial code over his housing arrangements.



  2. Blears denies part in coup plot

    NEW LABOUR: Hazel Blears has admitted that she regretted the timing of her resignation from the government and denied it was designed to inflict maximum damage on Gordon Brown.

    The former communities secretary caused huge anger in the Labour ranks by walking out of the Cabinet the day before last week’s elections. But she insisted today that it was not part of a plot to oust the Prime Minister.



  3. Smith used cons for renovations

    Politics: An investigation was launched today after it emerged that former home secretary Jacqui Smith used prisoners on day release to paint her home when they should have been doing community work.

    Two inmates from HMP Hewell in Redditch spent two days decorating a room at the former Labour MP’s luxury property in the Worcestershire town.

    A prison service spokesman said the offenders were supposed to be doing work to “help the whole community” as part of a scheme run by local charity the Batchley Support Group.



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