Economic crisis, workers’ resistance

The total wealth of Australia’s top 200 business chieftains ballooned to $35 billion in 2010, up from $20.3 billion in 2009, according to the BRW 2010 Executive Rich List: here.

Britain’s biggest probe into insider dealing has implicated three major financial institutions: here.

French workers' demonstration

Two days after French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) had suffered a landslide defeat in the regional elections, over a million French public service and government employees struck yesterday against the government’s austerity plans: here.

After slashing 2,000 jobs in its industrial division in late January, the German multinational Siemens company announced the axing of a further 4,200 jobs last week: here.

4 thoughts on “Economic crisis, workers’ resistance

  1. Alstom directors arrested for fraud

    Crime: Three directors of engineering firm Alstom were arrested in a corruption investigation, the Serious Fraud Office has said.

    The men were being questioned after a series of raids on offices and homes across England over suspected bribes paid in Britain to influence the awarding of overseas contracts to companies in the Alstom group.


  2. Strike suits Lethal Weapon’s Glover

    US: Actor and progressive activist Danny Glover has offered hugs and moral support to Cleveland-area workers at a men’s suit factory that faces a shutdown next month with the loss of 375 jobs.

    Workers at the Hugo Boss plant in Brooklyn, Ohio, cheered as the star of the Lethal Weapon action movies toured the operation on Tuesday.

    Mr Glover, who led a boycott of Hugo Boss formal wear at the Academy Awards earlier this month, later held a news conference and appealed to Germany’s Hugo Boss AG to reverse its shutdown decision.


  3. Former Siemens exec flees charges

    GREECE: Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the former head of Siemens AG’s local branch, who is thought to have fled abroad to avoid corruption charges.

    Volker Jung failed to answer bail at his local police station. He had been banned from leaving Greece.

    Jung is the most senior of seven former Siemens Hellas executives charged with bribery and money laundering over a 1990s contract with Greek telecom operator OTE. Another two have fled abroad.


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