Will British Conservatives lose election?

This is a British Labour party election video against the Conservatives.

From Lenin’s Tomb blog in Britain:

The Sunday Times‘ latest poll has the Tory lead down to 2% which, even if not reproduced uniformly in a general election, would produce a Labour minority government. The change is produced by a drop in the Tories‘ support from 39% to 37%, and a rise for Labour from 33% to 35%, thus cutting a six point lead to a 2 point lead.

A sense of panic gripped the Conservative Party over the weekend as the latest poll revealed that they have just a two point lead over Labour: here.

The Tories have pledged to speed up the march towards education privatisation with a fresh push towards academy schools: here.

Haughty Tory leader David Cameron has brushed aside demands to repay millions of pounds received in donations from tax-dodging Lord Ashcroft: here.

Confidential letters which indicate that a House of Lords vetting committee twice rejected Lord Ashcroft, the Tory donor, for a peerage because of his position as a “tax exile” have been revealed: here.

Belizean trade unionists have called on top Tory donor Lord Ashcroft to reinvest a portion of his personal £1,100 million fortune in the developing country if it transpires that some of it came from his business interests there: here.

Tory peer Lord Ashcroft was accused today of millions of pounds worth of tax avoidance: here.

Tony Blair was in such despair over the aftermath of the Iraq war that he told Gordon Brown and John Prescott that he intended to stand down as prime minister, according to a new book: here.

The Tories have never liked the travelling community. At the last general election in 2005, then Tory leader Michael Howard made a point of attacking Irish travellers and Gypsies: here.

Gay Tory minister Nick Herbert to challenge party allies’ homophobia at Europride: here.

Controversial Tory backer Lord Ashcroft is to quit as deputy chairman, the Conservatives said on Sunday: here.

8 thoughts on “Will British Conservatives lose election?

  1. CPB leader to contest Cardiff seat

    Sunday 28 February 2010

    Welsh Communists have selected the party’s general secretary in Britain Rob Griffiths to contest Cardiff South and Penarth in the forthcoming general election.

    Mr Griffiths will be challenging new Labour MP Alun Michael, who was a former Home Office minister and first minister in the National Assembly for Wales until forced to resign in 2000.

    “The Communist Party will put forward an alternative left-wing programme to new Labour policies of privatisation, a police state and imperialist war – policies with which Mr Michael is closely identified,” Mr Griffiths told the party’s Welsh committee in Pontypridd on Saturday.



  2. Fry is children’s favourite for PM

    Politics: Stephen Fry was the most popular choice for prime minister in a survey which found fewer than one in 10 young people thinks politicians can be trusted.

    The Children’s Society poll of more than 1,000 11 to 25-year-olds found 30 per cent believed Fry (above) would be the best prime minister, compared to 21 per cent who chose one of the current party leaders. Only 9 per cent said that politicians could be trusted and just 8 per cent believed politicians cared about young people’s views.



  3. MP ‘warned not to cross Lord Ashcroft’

    Published Date: 03 March 2010

    The Labour MP for Huddersfield has claimed that he was warned about pursuing issues relating to Lord Ashcroft’s tax status in the Commons.
    Barry Sheerman alleged that he was told by a Tory backbencher to “keep quiet” because Lord Ashcroft had a “way of exacting retribution” on his critics.

    Mr Sheerman, chairman of the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee, was calling for a Commons debate after Lord Ashcroft admitted on Monday to being a “non-dom”.

    In a point of order to Speaker John Bercow, Mr Sheerman said: “Some months ago when I was raising the question of my concerns about Lord Ashcroft, I was, in a kindly and friendly way, warned by a backbench Conservative MP that I should keep quiet because Lord Ashcroft had a way of exacting retribution from his critics.”

    He said the Tory MP, who he did not identify, had “expressed the view that he, personally, would not cross Lord Ashcroft”.

    And he added: “Given this morning’s revelations about Lord Ashcroft’s true status, is there an opportunity in this House to discuss Lord Ashcroft and the process by which he became a Member of the House of Lords.”

    Mr Bercow suggested Mr Sheerman could raise the matter with the Leader of the House Harriet Harman at business questions on Thursday.

    Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2010, All Rights Reserved.


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