Chiffchaff and shelducks

Today in the village.

One white stork sitting on the nest. Probably, there are eggs. The other stork stands next to it; but flies away soon to look for food on the meadow.

Also on the meadow: a mute swan, jackdaws and magpies.

In the nature reserve: a chiffchaff, singing on a small branch halfway a tree.

Robin, green woodpecker, nuthatch and song thrush sounds. A great tit on the footpath.

In the pond, many juvenile edible frogs.

In the eastern meadow area: northern lapwing; shelducks; black-tailed godwits and redshanks. A hare. Egyptian geese. A buzzard flying.

As I go back, again one stork sitting, the other one standing next to it.

On the other side of the road, a blue tit in a birch tree.

This is a willow warbler video.

Near the railroad: a willow warbler singing.

Again, the red-crested pochard near the sewage plant bridge.

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