German army abuse scandal

This 13 June 2017 video says about itself:

Germany: Army instructor accused of ‘abuse’ and ‘degrading treatment’ goes on trial

A German Armed Forces trainer accused of abuse and degrading treatment towards his subordinates appeared in court in the small town of Ahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old group leader is facing charges for alleged inhuman treatment towards his subordinates, coercion, and abuse of authority which led to bodily injuries during a training course.

Like in other countries, there are Roman Catholic clerical sexual abuse cases in Germany as well. Of course, the Roman Catholic church is not by any means the only organization where abuse occurs. It happens in, eg, armed forces as well (Note for apologists minimizing abuse within the Roman Catholic church: even if we suppose for argument’s sake that all non Roman Catholic adults in the world are paedophiles, that should not make the abuse cases within the church look one tiny bit better. Note for apologists for abuse within the armed forces: that abuse also happens within, eg, the Roman Catholic church should not make public relations for the armed forces look one little bit better).

Translated from FOCUS online in Germany:

Ill-treatment in military barracks Augustdorf as well

The scandal in the army is widening: in the barracks Augustdorf in the Lippe region allegedly several soldiers have been beaten and insulted by their comrades. Also sexual assault has been reported.

The full name of the Augustdorf barracks is Field Marshall Rommel Barracks. Recent research on this officer in Adolf Hitler’s army says that there are more problems with Rommel than quite some previous authors thought.

This video says about itself:

This video showing a German army instructor telling one of his soldiers to envision African-Americans in the Bronx while firing his machine gun was broadcast Saturday.

The video, coming after scandals involving photos of German soldiers posing with skulls in Afghanistan and the abuse of recruits by instructors, seemed likely to raise more questions about training practices in Germany’s conscript army.

From German daily Bild:

This shocking photo throws light on a degrading initiation ceremony in the German army, where soldiers are made to crawl through an ice cold river and eat raw liver.

11 thoughts on “German army abuse scandal

  1. General convicted of child porn

    France: A general who served as top military spokesman during the first Gulf war has been convicted of downloading thousands of images of pornography involving children, some as young as six months old.

    The Paris court gave Raymond Germanos a 10-month suspended sentence on Tuesday and ordered him to pay €1 in symbolic damages to three child protection associations which filed suit in his case.

    Gen Germanos is an officer with France’s National Order of Merit and a commander in the French Legion of Honour.


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