Sexual abuse in Dutch army

This 2013 video is about a military march being played at the Schaarsbergen Dutch army barracks, at an open day to get goodwill for the military among civilians. From this, civilians may get the impression all is fine and musical. However, these civilians don’t know what happens behind the scenes.

At Schaarsbergen barracks, there is the 11th Airmobile Brigade. A military unit especially for neocolonial wars far away from the Netherlands; wars for humanitarianism oil and other Big Business interests.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Schaarsbergen unit soldiers systematically abused and ill-treated

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Three Dutch soldiers left their unit in Schaarsbergen in 2014 after being victims of, eg, sexual assault, bullying, extortion, maltreatment and rape, reports daily De Volkskrant. Four soldiers from the same unit have been punished internally for some of the misconduct. One of the victims still reported the crimes to police two weeks ago. …


In an interview with the Volkskrant, one of the soldiers

abused from 2011-2014

says, “If there is a whole group pissing on you and a sergeant laughs about that then you just do not know anymore.” The soldiers are also said to have been forced to use drugs and have been “threatened with loaded weapons” several times.

The soldier who suffered the worst abuse said in the newspaper that he was lying on the ground once after forced drug use, and noticed that they were kicking his head. Then he was picked up by a few men and laid on a bed on his stomach after a car ride. While several men held him, he was repeatedly raped anally by a corporal.

A second victim tells they were forced to put their pants down, after which a corporal assaulted them anally. The victims also speak of drug trafficking, ammunition theft and illegal firearms possession in the barracks.

Public prosecutor

The abuse was mainly by non-commissioned officers, according to the Volkskrant report. When the abused privates complained to senior officers there was a cover-up.

An investigation only started after a chaplain mediated. A Commission of Home Research (CvHO) examined the complaints, but did not consider all of them proven. About the part of the complaints that were considered punishable, the defense department went to the police in 2013.

The Public Prosecutor decided not to have a criminal investigation. …

That was because the defense department had forbidden the abused soldiers to talk to the public prosecutor, De Volkskrant says.


In the meantime, one of the soldiers who had been most abused and humiliated reported after all to the military police of indecency, sexual assault, maltreatment, extortion, threats, drug use and drug trafficking, theft of ammunition and illegal possession of weapons.

All three victims were or are being treated for the psychological damage they have incurred. …

One of these soldiers attempted suicide, according to the Volkskrant report.

Chlorine water

It is the second time in a short time that there is publicity about abuse in the armed forces. In August, after a soldier reported it, there was news about an incident which occurred in 2015.

Three soldiers during a hazing threw chlorine water on newcomers. One person got burns injuries. The three were not prosecuted because it could not be proven that they knew that there was chlorine in the buckets.

Dutch soldiers’ trade unions want a hazing ban in the armed forces. The new junior minister of Defence, Barbara Visser of the VVD party, is against such a ban, though she opposes the Schaarsbergen sexual abuse.

USA: OTHERS COME FORWARD WITH KEVIN SPACEY SEXUAL HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS Several men shared stories of groping and other advances. And elsewhere in Hollywood, six woman accused producer Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct, and Dustin Hoffman was accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old intern. [HuffPost]

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