Dutch DuPont workers get diseases

This Dutch Dordrecht region TV video says about itself (translated):

These women worked unprotectedly in the DuPont lycra factory, with all its consequences

May 25, 2016

… The former employees suffer from health problems like cervical cancer, infertility, miscarriages and stillborn children.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

“Exposure to poison also at DuPont plant in Kerkrade

Today, 04:11

Employees of the DuPont Lycra factory in Kerkrade [Limburg province] for years were exposed to the hazardous solvent DMAC. That concludes daily De Volkskrant after talks with 25 (former) employees.

EenVandaag TV show reported this spring that dozens of former employees of the DuPont plant in Dordrecht had got pregnancy or fertility problems, possibly by DMAC. In Dordrecht last month also residents of the area around the factory were invited to have blood tests because they may have been exposed to another toxic substance, PFOA.

The plant in Kerkrade had been doing research in 1986 about the risks of DMAC. The air in the plant turned out to contain almost twice as much DMAC as allowed.

Urine tests

The company then installed measuring devices the alarms of which went off if concentration was too high, but that equipment was removed later, staff say to the newspaper. Also, urine tests were introduced for the staff, but their results were not told to employees.

DMAC, a colorless solvent that is used in the production of lycra yarn, can cause pregnancy or fertility problems, and liver damage.

This Dutch Dordrecht region TV video says about itself (translated), interviewing former women DuPont workers:

13 April 2016

“We were exposed eight hours a day to the substance,” said Corrie de Haas. She could never have children. Her former colleague Romy Hardon had a stillborn son.

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