Unsafe work kills, injures Dutch workers

This video from Minnesota in the USA says about itself:

Workers Memorial Day 2016: Injured and Fired at Jennie-O

ST. CLOUD, MN April 28, 2016

“When I was no longer able to use my right hand, do you know what they told me? ‘You are no longer useful – you are fired.’”

Omar Hassan displayed his right hand, where one finger is permanently bent. He suffered nerve damage to his hand and right side from backbreaking work on the poultry processing line at the Jennie-O plant in central Minnesota. When he sought medical attention from his own doctor – and a lighter-duty assignment – the company balked.

Unable to work using mostly his left hand, he was fired.

Hassan’s story was highlighted in St. Cloud on Thursday, Workers Memorial Day, an annual commemoration by the AFL-CIO and affiliated unions of workers killed and injured on the job and the struggle for workplace safety.

The St. Cloud-based Greater Minnesota Worker Center (link is external) marked the day by releasing a report on conditions in the poultry processing industry and demonstrating outside an office of Gold’N Plump, another major poultry processor. Workers tried to deliver a letter requesting a meeting with management about safety and other issues, but were rebuffed.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Many more fatal industrial accidents, ‘companies have to do more about it’

Last year, 71 people were killed in industrial accidents. That was considerably more than the 54 in 2017, reports the SZW Inspectorate. The sector with the most deaths, twenty, was construction. This is followed by the transport and storage sector, trade and industry.

The total number of serious accidents also increased. There were 4368 in 2018, an increase of 4 percent compared to a year earlier.

Work faster and more efficiently

“We see in this economy that workers have to work faster and more efficiently,” says Inspector General Marc Kuipers. “Consequence: more unsafe situations and more accidents. I call on companies to work more on safe work equipment, safety procedures and a culture of healthy and safe working.” …

The falling from heights, being caught by moving parts of a machine, being hit by falling objects and collisions are the most common work accidents. …

A few examples of industrial accidents last year: in January a man was electrocuted when he was replacing a water pipe at Helenaveen in Noord-Brabant province, in May two men were killed in a machine factory in Leeuwarden and in August a man died in the engine room of a ship in Werkendam.

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