North Carolina, USA drinking water poisoned by DuPont corporation

This video from the USA says about itself:

North Carolina Drinking Water Poisoned By DuPont’s Newest Poison

14 October 2017

For decades, DuPont was using a chemical called C8 to produce their blockbuster product Teflon. DuPont was well aware of the toxicity of C8, according to their own internal documents, but it wasn’t until the company was facing thousands of lawsuits that they finally stopped dumping this toxic chemical into the Ohio River where it poisoned thousands of people. But the chemical that replaced C8 – a chemical known as Gen X – is beginning to cause similar health problems to C8, and close to 300 thousand people along the Cape Fear river may have been exposed to DuPont’s newest toxin. Mike Papantonio discusses this.

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11 thoughts on “North Carolina, USA drinking water poisoned by DuPont corporation

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