Alligators in North Carolina, USA survive winter

This video from the USA says about itself:

Alligators on Ice: North Carolina reptiles strong survival skills on show

9 jan. 2018

Alligators in North Carolina are dealing with the freezing temperatures by sticking their noses up through the ice to breathe.


North Carolina, USA drinking water poisoned by DuPont corporation

This video from the USA says about itself:

North Carolina Drinking Water Poisoned By DuPont’s Newest Poison

14 October 2017

For decades, DuPont was using a chemical called C8 to produce their blockbuster product Teflon. DuPont was well aware of the toxicity of C8, according to their own internal documents, but it wasn’t until the company was facing thousands of lawsuits that they finally stopped dumping this toxic chemical into the Ohio River where it poisoned thousands of people. But the chemical that replaced C8 – a chemical known as Gen X – is beginning to cause similar health problems to C8, and close to 300 thousand people along the Cape Fear river may have been exposed to DuPont’s newest toxin. Mike Papantonio discusses this.

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Window bird feeder in the USA

This video from North Carolina in the USA says about itself:

1 October 2017

Clear Acrylic Window Bird Feeders are a lot of fun. A review and test of the MOOKZZ Clear Acrylic Window Bird Feeder gets me up close and personal to my favorite small mountain songbirds. The link to this bird feeder on Amazon is here where it is the cheapest of this type of bird feeder available and of high quality. If you order it through this link a tiny portion of the sale goes toward supporting the Backyard creatures.

A second full test will be completed in Florida next month and hopefully some Painted Buntings will take to it just like the Chickadees and Titmice. It is easy to install and depending on what window you use it is totally squirrel proof as in my installation here as there is no way for the squirrels to get to it – they haven’t figured out to climb siding yet. You can also install and refill the feeder by just opening a window if you have it high off the ground like this one. All in all a barrel of fun for bird-lovers and of course the birds. I have mine on the window over my computer desk so I’m watching Chickadees and Titmice come and go and hammer away at sunflower seeds all day long just inches from my computer screen, very relaxing and you learn even more about these industrious little birds.

Thanks for watching.

Anyone with a backyard feeder has seen squabbles between species break out from time to time, but who gets the “upper wing” in these confrontations? Project FeederWatch participants recorded more than 7,000 interactions at feeders to help Cornell Lab scientists study “dominance hierarchies.” The findings? Sometimes, size matters. But not always. Read more here.

American tufted titmouse, chickadee eating sunflower seeds

This video from North Carolina the USA says about itself:

30 September 2017

[Tufted] titmice and chickadees cracking and eating sunflower seeds with their tiny little beaks takes a lot of effort – see how they do it.

Having a blast with the new Window Bird Feeder, MOOKZZ Clear Acrylic Design attached to my window above the PC. A virtual black-capped and Carolina chickadee and titmouse magnet with black oil sunflower seeds. You can watch them from dawn till dusk – amazing. I will upload a full test of this feeder and more videos of bird behavior using this feeder in the coming week. Stay tuned this is going to be fun!

Songbirds after Hurricane Irma in North Carolina, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Songbirds Pull Together After Hurricane Irma

12 September 2017

After a rocking windy and rainy night of the remnants of Hurricane Irma passing through the Great Smoky Mountains it’s #Songbird strong this morning! Daylight brought an unusual sense of camaraderie among the American Goldfinches, Juncos, Chickadees and other small birds. Six Goldfinches managed to squeeze together on what was left of the finch sock with no fuss or pushing and shoving and even the Dark Eyed Juncos were behaving themselves. A note: deciduous trees provide little shelter in high winds – little birds just love big dense arborvitae trees for shelter from storms and nest building.

Chickadees in North Carolina, USA

This video from North Carolina in the USA says about itself:

6 September 2017

Chickadees – just Chickadees for a change. A rare chance to have food to themselves except for one brief visitor. In the Great Smoky Mountains Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees ranges overlap and it can be a challenge to tell them apart. What type of Chickadees do you think these are?

North Carolina, USA persecution for anti-racism

This video from the USA says about itself:

Meet the College Student Who Pulled Down a Confederate Statue in Durham & Defied White Supremacy

16 August 2017

A crowd of activists toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, on Monday, just two days after the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. As the crowd shouted “We are the revolution,” a college student named Takiyah Thompson climbed up a ladder, looped a rope around the top of the Confederate Soldiers Monument in front of the old Durham County Courthouse and then pulled the statue to the ground.

She was arrested the following day on two charges of felony inciting a riot and three misdemeanor charges, including defacing a statue. Thompson was released last night on a $10,000 unsecured bond. We speak with Thompson about her actions before her scheduled court hearing this morning.

From the Southern Vision Alliance in the USA today, about North Carolina:

Please sign the petition and forward widely


Demand Durham Sheriff Mike Andrews end the witchhunt against anti-racist activists and be held accountable for his criminal treatment of the people of Durham!


Over the past two weeks, thirteen activists have been arrested and slapped with outrageous felony and misdemeanor charges for their defense of the Durham community against white supremacists, first in relation to the toppling of a Confederate statue in front of the Durham courthouse on Aug. 14, and then for protesting in response to a planned Ku Klux Klan rally on Aug. 18. Most recently, three more activists were issued warrants on Aug. 28 and turned themselves in; two were arrested the day before.

Sheriff Andrews recently attempted unsuccessfully to prosecute activists with Inside-Outside Alliance for protest charges, and was exposed for his exaggerated attempts to target demonstrators. The IOA has held weekly protests at the jail for more than a year. These arrests are clearly a form of retaliation against the movement at large.

The jail that Andrews runs is an institution committed to the preservation and perpetuation of white supremacy. Under Andrews’ tenure, at least five people – Matthew McCain, Dennis McMurray, Niecey Fennell, Terry Lee, and Raphael Bennett — have died in the Durham County Jail due to the criminal conditions inside. Detainees have described the jail as being designed to “break you” and to “make you want to kill yourself.” Andrews has gone out of his way to cover up these deaths, and has made patently false statements about the conditions of the jail. Meanwhile, he has frustrated attempts by the community and elected officials to audit the conditions there, and has lied about the Durham County Sheriff’s collaboration with Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement (ICE).

In what can be described as nothing other than cruel and unusual, Andrews has recently taken steps to completely restrict in-person visitation for Durham County jail detainees, and only allow video visitation.

We say no more!

Stop the witchhunt against activists involved in protesting white supremacy!

Drop the charges against the 13 anti-racist activists!

End the criminal treatment of the people of Durham inside the Durham County Jail!

A black Cornell student said he was beaten and called the n-word, roiling the Ivy League campus: here.