Environment and United States politics, animated cartoons

This video, like the other videos in this blog post by Mark Fiore from the USA, says about itself:

17 September 2015

It always amazes me that climate deniers can still call global warming a hoax when looking at hotter temperatures, dying forests and increasing wildfires. Millions of burning acres are a little more obvious to most than calving glaciers or seas rising by centimeters.

This video says about itself:

17 September 2015

Apparently, Obama’s “All of the Above” energy policy involves saving the planet while simultaneously trying to kill it. Why else would the president allow a multinational oil corporation to drill for oil in one of the most sensitive places in the world? Most people think of the Arctic as a vast swath of nothingness, but don’t tell that to these guys.

And this video says about itself:

The Toxic Mining Law

17 September 2015

While everyone is distracted by a certain orange presidential candidate, a river turned orange in Colorado. The Animas River disaster happened when contractors working for the EPA accidentally released a toxic stew from an old abandoned gold mine. Before we go and dismantle the EPA and eliminate government entirely, let’s take a look at why the deadly mining waste was there in the first place.

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