Big pharma MSD lied to Brazilian women

This video from the USA says about itself:

12 Dec 2012

When you watch the ads that big pharma runs on television, they give us the impression that they genuinely care about the well-being of consumers. But behind closed doors, they let their true opinions come out, and these are less than flattering. The latest example comes from pharmaceutical giant Merck [or: MSD], who we found out recently was actually mocking victims who had been injured by their products in internal emails. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio talks about this with Martha Rosenberg, author of the new book “Born With a Junk Food Deficiency.”

Translated from daily De Volkskrant in the Netherlands:

Pregnant women misled by pharmaceutical corporation

By: Jeroen Trommelen – 05/27/13, 05:18

Pregnant women in Brazil participating in the ‘Mothers for Mothers‘ [aka Merck for Mothers, or MSD for Mothers] program have been are misled for many years by the pharmaceutical company MSD and its predecessor Organon in the Netherlands.

The women were told that from the hormones in their urine a drug was made for women with pregnancy problems. However, Organon and MSD used the substance for the production of an agent for sows in the pig industry, to produce piglets faster.

This drug, PG600, is controversial because of animal rights issues and is taboo in organic pig farms because artificially fast pregnancies overtax sows. In the non-organic pig industry, its use is legal.

Not informed

Manufacturer MSD admits that Brazilian women are not informed on the real use of the collected HCG hormones. “It is true that at the time donors were not informed,” says the MSD spokesman.

The ‘Mothers for Mothers’ program in Brazil has been running since 1986. It was set up after the Dutch campaign of that name had come into disrepute by the use of the collected hormones in the pig industry. Dutch women in 1985 threatened to stop participating in the campaign if it would not be targeted exclusively on the production of human medicines.

Veterinary agent

As becomes apparent now, Organon, which was later taken over by MSD, then for the production of its veterinary agent switched to hormones from the Brazilian campaign. Five years ago, the HCG program in Brazil had six thousand pregnant women as donors, who ceded a monthly 170 thousand liters of urine, supposedly to help other women with pregnancy problems. The participants were never told about its use for pigs.


In Brazil, the collection of urine for veterinary purposes was stopped a few years ago, “partly due to the fact that there was confusion about the use of the collected urine.” …


For the production of PG600 not only hormones of pregnant women are used, but also hormones from the blood of two thousand pregnant horses undergoing an experiment in the Netherlands.

The Dutch society for the prevention of cruelty to animals advocates a ban on the experiment. “In our view, this is not about bona fide animal research, but about a production method for increasing economic efficiency in the pig industry”.

Over the course of 20 years, Johnson & Johnson created a powerful drug, promoted it illegally to children and the elderly, covered up the side effects and made billions of dollars. This is the inside story.

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