President George H.W. Bush, others accused of sexual harassment

This video from the USA says about itself:

Actress accuses former president George Bush senior of sexual harassment

26 October 2017

Heather Lind, best known for her role in AMC’s Turn Washington’s Spies, accused Bush – in a lengthy Instagram post shared earlier this week that has since been deleted – of inappropriate behaviour. The actress uploaded a photo of Bush, 93, and fellow former President Barack Obama shaking hands and stated that the image had “disturbed her” as when she had met him in a similar circumstance, the elderly leader “touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side”.

FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT For touching an actress from behind while they were posing for a photo. Bush’s office issued an apology acknowledging the former president “has patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner,” and because he uses a wheelchair, “his arm falls on the lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures.” A second actress has also come forward. [HuffPost]

Oops! He did it again. Former President George HW Bush Groped Another Woman: here.

MULTIPLE WOMEN HAVE ACCUSED A VETERAN POLITICAL JOURNALIST OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT Mark Halperin, known for “Game Change” and “Double Down,” has been accused of sexual harassment from the ’90s to the mid-2000s during his tenure at ABC News. [HuffPost]

Mark Halperin is a right-winger.

‘I WAS BLIND AND COMPLICIT AND JUST, LIKE, DID NOTHING’ The New Republic staffers shared stories of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by the magazine’s longtime literary editor Leon Wieseltier. [HuffPost]

See also here.

Leon Wieseltier was a prominent advocate of George W Bush’s Iraq war.

Tony Goldwyn says he was sexually harassed as a young actor in Hollywood.

OVER 300 PEOPLE HAVE CHIMED IN WITH THEIR OWN JAMES TOBACK HARASSMENT STORIES According to the Los Angeles Times reporter who broke the initial story. And Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams spoke out about their own terrifying experiences with the director [HuffPost]

HARVEY WEINSTEIN FALLOUT CONTINUES The New York Times reported new allegations that his behavior stretched back to the 70s, as high-profile scandals involving Mark Halperin, Hamilton Fish, Spacey and others continue to unfold. And as for Weinstein, the Producers Guild of America announced he was banned for life, and the Weinstein company’s first move since the scandal broke grossed only $742. [HuffPost]

Jane Fonda believes people are listening because the Weinstein victims have been famous and white.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER WAVE OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS From a top NPR editor to three Dartmouth college professors. Actor Jeremy Piven was accused of sexually assaulting an actress on the “Entourage” set. A “Grey’s Anatomy” star came forward with another James Toback allegation. Questions arose over how much Disney knew about Harvey Weinstein. Netflix has suspended production on the final season of “House of Cards” amid the allegation against star Kevin Spacey.


RYAN SEACREST’S STYLIST SAYS THE TV PERSONALITY SEXUALLY HARASSED HER FOR YEARS “The stylist said that after she reported Seacrest to E! News’ human resources executives in 2013, she was terminated.” Read her full claims here. [HuffPost]

Britain: Gove apologises after backlash against Weinstein joke in live BBC interview. Environment Secretary’s remarks come a day after allegations of widespread abuse of women in Westminster: here.

Sexual assault ‘thrives’ in Parliament, says Jeremy Corbyn in wake of WhatsApp allegations. Labour leader responds to allegations of widespread abuse in Westminster: here.

More than 200 million women work without laws against sexual harassment: study.

20 thoughts on “President George H.W. Bush, others accused of sexual harassment

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  2. Saturday 28th October 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    ALLEGATIONS of MPs harassing and sexually abusing women who work for them in Parliament are “deeply concerning,” Number 10 said yesterday.

    Any ministers found to have behaved inappropriately would face “serious action,” Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokeswoman said.

    Female parliamentary researchers and aides have been using messaging app WhatsApp to warn each other of alleged abuse by named senior Tory and Labour MPs, the Sun reported.

    Members of the WhatsApp group have shared a catalogue of tales of inappropriate behaviour including MPs groping staff in lifts; a minister branded “not safe in taxis” because of his behaviour; a Cabinet minister groping a victim at a party; a Tory grandee banned from hiring “leggy” women; and a Labour MP accused of behaving badly on a trip abroad.

    One politician was described as “very handsy.” And women in the WhatsApp group also warned each other to “watch out” for a particular politician at a party conference.

    Parliamentary authorities have a limited ability to intervene because staff are employed directly by MPs, a House of Commons spokesman said, but there was a 24-hour helpline available.

    He said: “Where members are alleged to have breached the MPs’ code of conduct it is possible for the parliamentary commissioner for standards to launch an investigation.”

    Max Freedman, chairman of the Unite union’s parliamentary staff branch, said that there should be an overarching complaints procedure for people to raise their concerns.

    He said: “MPs come from every background, they are not given proper training when they come in here, there is no oversight of what they do.

    “You get some very good employers and you get some really bad ones.

    “Unless there is a proper system put in place, then these things happen in all these big organisations across the country. That’s the problem.”


  3. Monday 30th October 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    MEDIA and politicians are belatedly turning their attention to sexual harassment, recognising it as a problem to be tackled urgently.

    People may wonder why it took the furore engendered by a tidal wave of allegations against US film producer Harvey Weinstein for the issue to be treated seriously.

    Diane Abbott’s recollections, in her excellent contribution to the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, of her early days in Parliament should serve as a reminder of how deeply rooted sexual harassment is in the seat of power and how badly those who opposed it were treated.

    No politician in Britain has drawn the abuse and malice she has borne over three decades because of her sex, colour and class origin.

    There are still male Tory MPs in the House who took part then in the intimidation of Labour women by making hand gestures to signify juggling or weighing their breasts.

    Abbott’s colleague Clare Short led the campaign against newspapers carrying pictures of semi-naked young women, explaining how demeaning these images were.

    Her reward was to be labelled “Killjoy Clare” by Rupert Murdoch’s Sun, told that she was “fat and jealous” of the models and confronted by a bus plastered with Sun posters parked outside her home.

    Short, Abbott and others including the Greater London Council under Ken Livingstone were derided as “loony left” for their opposition to racism, sexism and homophobia.

    Nor did this derision emanate solely from the Tory benches, with too many Labour members associating themselves with the idea that belittling people for their race, sex or sexual orientation could be passed off as banter.

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove has had to apologise for his assiduously prepared ad-lib that being interviewed by BBC presenter John Humphrys was akin to “going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom. You just pray you emerge with your dignity intact.”

    Fellow interviewee and former Labour leader Neil Kinnock also apologised for his rejoinder that “John goes way past groping. Way past groping,” following which all three men chortled merrily at their shared laddishness.

    What they failed to understand or appreciate is that their clumsy bid to be amusing trivialised the experiences of not only those assaulted by Weinstein but everyone demeaned sexually by those with power over them.

    The Tory Party has announced an inquiry into International Trade Minister Mark Garnier’s conduct in telling his former secretary Caroline Edmondson, whom he addressed publicly as “sugar tits,” to go to a sex shop to buy vibrators while he waited outside.

    Scottish Health Secretary Shona Robison has called for evidence of sexual harassment in Scottish institutions to be brought into the open, while suspended Sheffield Hallam Labour MP Jared O’Mara is also under inquiry over allegations of using abusive language against women.

    This underlines the observation by shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti that this isn’t a party political question. It stretches across the spectrum.

    We know that the Tory media will take an unbalanced approach, demanding harsh action against Labour MPs while urging leniency for its own side.

    The Sun is already posing as a defender of decency, demanding that Jeremy Corbyn sack O’Mara — while an inquiry is under way — or be “guilty of accepting and normalising misogyny.”

    But the left cannot afford to mirror such hypocrisy. Women must be supported in speaking out and have their complaints dealt with seriously.

    Sexual harassment isn’t a joke. It reflects a deeply embedded sexist culture and a gross abuse of power. It must be eradicated.


    > White House: All The Women Who Say Trump Sexually Harassed Them Are Liars
    > At least 16 women have claimed President Trump has harassed them.
    > The White House on Friday confirmed its official stance on the women accusing President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct: They are lying.
    > White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed the position in a press conference on Friday afternoon after CBS News reporter Jacqueline Alemany posed a question:
    > “Obviously sexual harassment has been in the news. At least 16 women accused the president of sexually harassing them throughout the course of the campaign. Last week, during a press conference in the Rose Garden, the president called these accusations ‘fake news.’ Is the official White House position that all these women are lying?”
    > “Yeah, we’ve been clear on that from the beginning and the president has spoken on it,” Sanders said in a curt response.
    > .@PressSec tells @JaxAlemany that the official position is that the women who accused the President of sexual harassment are lying.
    > — Pat Ward (@WardDPatrick) 11:54 AM – Oct 27, 2017 · Manhattan, NY
    > Sanders’ statement comes as recent reports of sexual misconduct have inspired individuals across industries to speak out against sexual assault. An article published by The New York Times about film executive Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment sparked the movement. On Weinstein, Trump said he was “not at all surprised to see it ,” but did not remark on the victims.
    > Trump has previously been recorded making inappropriate comments in the now infamous “Access Hollywood” tape released last year, which prompted a number of women to come forward with allegations . Trump has continuously denied any wrongdoing.


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