Hundreds of neonazis in German military

This 2013 German ZDF TV video is called (translated): A task for [German ‘defence’ war minister] Von der Leyen. It says that neonazis in the German armed forces were not dismissed, but even promoted.

Now, in 2017, it looks like Minister Von der Leyen has not fulfilled that task.

From the (Conservative) Daily Telegraph in England:

Almost 300 German soldiers investigated over Nazi salutes and attacks on asylum seekers

By Justin Huggler, Berlin

10 April 2017

The German military is investigating almost 300 of its troops on suspicion of Nazi sympathies and far-Right extremism, it has emerged.

Those under investigation include serving soldiers who gave the Nazi salute and shouted “Heil Hitler”, “Sieg Heil” and “Heil our Führer”.

One soldier posted a picture of Adolf Hitler on WhatsApp with the caption: “Missing since 1945: Adolf please report! Germany needs you!” In another case, a soldier physically attacked a group of asylum-seekers after asking if they were Christian or Muslim.

A total of 275 military personnel are currently under investigation by MAD, the German military’s counter-intelligence service. The investigations emerged in a written answer to a parliamentary question from the opposition Left Party. In a 15-page response, the defence ministry noted its concern that many of the more serious cases had been dealt with too leniently by the military.

The MAD is investigating cases from the last six years, many of which have already been resolved by the military’s disciplinary authorities. Only 11 of those currently under investigation have been discharged. The soldier who posted the picture of Hitler was fined €800 but allowed to remain in the military. A soldier who gave a Hitler salute while serving in Latvia was also allowed to remain in uniform.

In another case, a soldier posted a picture of a machine-gun on social media with the caption: “The fastest German asylum procedure, rejects up to 1,400 requests per minute”. All charges against him were dropped, on the grounds there was no evidence of dereliction of duty.

Of the cases under investigation, 12 date back to 2011-2013, 20 are from 2014, 47 from 2015, and 143 from 2016. There have been a further 53 so far this year. There was no official explanation for the dramatic rise in recent years, but it may be linked to the influx of over a million asylum-seekers over the last two years.

“I expect the armed forces to take an uncompromising approach against far-Right extremists in their personnel,” Ulla Jelpke, a senior Left Party MP said. “Anyone who performs like the SA [Nazi party storm-troopers] must be thrown out, and must be prevented from getting access to arms.”

Der Spiegel calls for a strongman in Germany: here.

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