The Iraq war and Britain

This video from the USA is called WMD LIES – Bush Cheney Rumsfeld – THE ULTIMATE CLIP.

Explosive evidence showing that the government was “clearly advised” that the Iraq war was illegal will be disclosed at the Chilcot Inquiry just days before Tony Blair gives evidence, it has been reported.

Bereaved families have demanded to know the “truth” behind reasons for the Iraq war, dismissing Tony Blair‘s anticipated appearance at the official inquiry as a “waste of time”.

Doctors have accused the government of subverting the course of justice after it was revealed that evidence relating to the death of government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly is subject to a 70-year secrecy order.

Iraq military coup a possibility, ambassador tells Chilcot inquiry: here.

The Iraq inquiry burst into life yesterday, thanks to a quiet, thoughtful yet furious woman who ripped into the government like a genteel but very hungry lioness. Elizabeth Wilmshurst was the first witness to get a round of applause from the public: here.

‘THE WAR WAS ILLEGAL!’ – the opinion of all Foreign Office lawyers: here.

3 thoughts on “The Iraq war and Britain

  1. From the USA:

    Cheney’s Toy
    James McMurtry

    Another unknown soldier
    Another lesson learned
    Kick the gas can over
    Strike a match get back and watch that sucker burn

    Keep smiling for the camera
    Keep waving for the crowd
    Don’t let up for an instant
    Stay the course and make your mama proud

    You’re the man
    Show’em what your made of
    You’re no longer daddy’s boy
    You’re the man
    That they’re all afraid of
    But you’re only Cheney’s toy

    Another unknown soldier
    Who’s seen it all before
    All in the name of Jesus
    Behind the razor wire and shackled to the floor

    Just keep smiling at the cameras
    And keep that twinkle in your eye
    We don’t need to know the answers
    Just hit your marks and say your lines

    You’re the man
    Show’em what your made of
    You’re no longer daddy’s boy
    Take a stand
    Give ‘em what they paid for
    But you’re only Cheney’s toy

    They’ll take a fork and turn you over
    While the fat lady sings
    One more pin on one more shoulder
    Is all the future brings
    For another unknown soldier
    Who don’t know his own name
    And he don’t get any older
    And he can’t see for the shrapnel in his brain

    Ain’t you grand
    When the guns are blazin’
    Bring ‘em on
    Cheney’s toy

    Bring ‘em on
    Cheney’s toy


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