Garden birdcount in the Netherlands

This video is called Long-tailed tits (In My Garden).

This Saturday and Sunday were national birdcount days in the Netherlands.

The aim was to count all birds in gardens or on balconies showing up during a 30 minute period this weekend.

As for my personal contribution, from a village window:

Magpie 1
Wood pigeon 1
Jackdaw 2
Great tit 2
Blackbird 3
Robin 2
Long-tailed tit 7

The (provisional) national top ten is:

1. House sparrow 165,217
2. Blackbird 102,755
3. Great tit 102,509
4. Chaffinch 80,060
5. Blue tit 64,724
6. Starling 61,699
7. Jackdaw 46,628
8. Collared dove 42,942
9. Wood pigeon 38,144
10. Robin 33,609

Prisoners join the hundreds of thousands of Britons recording sightings at this weekend’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch: here.

Join America’s Great Backyard Bird Count: here.

February 2011: Opening with the coldest winter in 30 years, and closing with the chilliest December in a century, last year saw many birds scouring gardens to help survive the extreme conditions. Now, results of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Garden BirdWatch 2010 reveal just how important our bird tables’s are during such icy weather: here.

Less-pretty female house sparrows tend to lower their aim when selecting a mate. Addressing the lack of studies on condition-dependency of female mate choice, researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology found that female sparrows of a low quality prefer males of an equally low quality: here.

1 thought on “Garden birdcount in the Netherlands

  1. Successful bird-watching winter

    27 January 2010

    Group spokesman Win Lowman with competition winners

    CONSERVATIONISTS in two North Somerset villages have been celebrating the best ever results in an annual study.

    A total of 95 responses were handed in to the Yatton and Congresbury Wildlife Action Group winter bird survey.

    Blackbirds, blue tits and robins were the most-observed birds, with the call of tawny owls being heard on three occasions.

    Each person who returned the forms was entered into a prize draw and the winners, Freddie Mundell, aged three, and Shelagh Williams, received bird feeding equipment.


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