British Liberal MP says Dr Kelly was murdered to help the Iraq war start

This video from Britain is called

IRAQ The sexed up case for war

The infamous dodgy dossier, WMD claims in Iraq, sexing up allegations by the BBC and the whitewash of the Hutton report.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Killed for what he knew

(Sunday 25 November 2007)

The Strange Death of David Kelly by Norman Baker MP
(Methuen, £9.99)

JOHN MOORE finds that, if you scratch the thin surface, there’s a lot more to know about the death of David Kelly than meets the eye.

After investigating the death of Dr David Kelly, Norman Baker MP believes that the weapons scientist was murdered, even though the Hutton report said that he took his own life.

Tony Blair was on a flight to Tokyo when he was told that David Kelly had been found dead in an Oxfordshire wood, with a slashed wrist and tablets by his side.

By the time he touched down, Lord Hutton had been appointed to enquire into the circumstances surrounding the death.

It was an informal inquiry that took the place of a normal inquest and was not bound by normal court procedures. Hutton decided who was to be called as a witness and largely what questions were to be asked or left unasked.

Baker says that the process was a travesty and the evidence dubious. The police later told him that there were no fingerprints on the knife, a question not even raised at the inquiry.

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