Tony Blair at Iraq inquiry, 29 January

Cartoon by Steve Bell about Tony Blair before the Iraq Study Group

From British daily The Independent:

Date set for Blair to face Iraq inquiry

By Gavin Cordon, Press Association

Monday, 18 January 2010

Tony Blair is to make his long awaited appearance before the Iraq Inquiry on Friday of next week

29 January

it was announced today.

His appearance will be preceded on Wednesday next week by the former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, who issued the controversial advice that military action against Iraq was legal.

Other key witnesses appearing next week will be Elizabeth Wilmshurst, the former Foreign Office legal adviser who quit in protest at the invasion, who appears on Tuesday.

Two former defence secretaries, Des Browne and John Hutton will give evidence on Monday while former foreign secretary Margaret Beckett will be appearing on Tuesday.

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UPDATE 19 January 2010: Lord Goldsmith warned ministers that Iraq war would be illegal: here.

GOLDSMITH REFUSED TO BACK IRAQ WAR – in March 2008, 2002 letter to Hoon: here.

Geoff Hoon facing Iraq inquiry today: here.

Former defence secretary Geoff Hoon has told the Iraq inquiry that Tony Blair did not brief him on discussions with George Bush in 2003 at which it has been suggested the pact to go to war in Iraq was made: here.

The Stop the War Coalition in Britain has announced that it will demonstrate against Blair on the day that he will come to the Iraq inquiry.

UPDATE: in fact, the Stop the War Coalition has announced a demonstration:

29 January: Tony Blair’s Judgement Day

Blood on Blair’s hands

Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE

On Friday 29 January, Tony Blair try to explain to the Iraq Inquiry the lies he used to take Britain into an illegal war. Stop the War will hold an all-day protest outside the inquiry, which will include a naming the dead ceremony, street theatre, poetry readings, music and other performances.

Many military families will be there for the appearance of the man responsible for the deaths of their loved ones.

It is time for the voice of the majority to be heard. Over 60% of the British public opposed the invasion in 2003. Today 52% say Blair deliberately misled parliament and the country. One in four say he should face trial for war crimes. On 29 January we will demand no whitewash by the Iraq Inquiry.

Join us from 8.00am onwards

See also here. And here.

WHEN Tony Blair’s chief of staff from 1997-2007, Jonathan Powell, was questioned yesterday about the September 2002 dossier that took the UK to war on Iraq his memory seemed to fail: here.

A former British soldier has expressed his “disgust” at the “brutality” of a senior officer towards a prisoner in Iraq: here.

Blockade Afghanistan council of warmongers in London: here.

8 thoughts on “Tony Blair at Iraq inquiry, 29 January

  1. The anti-Blair demonstrators obviously believe they are occupying the moral high-ground. In fact they are operating from the gutter.

    Factual correction: There was slight majority in favour of the war at the time of the invasion and the current figures simply show that people the will believe anything as long as it’s pushed hard enough in the press and on the telly.


  2. Hi, Mr “letsget real”, in spite of your name you seem to prefer to get unreal. You are an interesting phenomenon, in that you are living proof that even criminals like Adolf Hitler, or like Tony Blair, still have a small minority of fanatical devotees.

    You make very sweeping statements about people supposedly being in “the gutter” without offering any proof.

    “that people the will believe anything”. Nice grammar. Did you finish primary school?

    “The press and the telly” are to you a big “Leftist, liberal” conspiracy. Yeah right, probably including the big media owned by arch warmonger Rupert Murdoch or other Rightist Conservative or “New” Labour supporters …

    Supporters of Blair’s war in fact never were a majority. 2 million people demonstrated in London in 2003 against starting the Iraq war. Tony Blair or other warmongers have never dared to call a pro war demonstration, as that would have shown painfully for them how small the numbers of their hardcore supporters were.

    While even in 2003 a majority opposed the Iraq war, it is true that more people started opposing the war later. This was because people saw that Blair had lied about WMD, about supposed Saddam-9/11 links, about bringing “democracy” to Iraq, etc. While the piles of dead bodies grew and grew to over a million dead. And over four million Iraqis became refugees.


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