Iraq, Manolo Blahniks, and conservative rants

This video from the USA says about itself:

Visit to tell Congress how you want your tax dollars spent. The Iraq war has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of U.S. military personnel. It is also costing $720 Million dollars each day – dollars that could be spent in much more constructive ways. It is time to DEFUND the war and RE-FUND human needs in the U.S. and Iraq. Get more details about our Cost of War campaign and sign our petition at

On the far Right fringe of politics in the USA, there is something called the National Review.

It has a history of support for keeping racial segregation, for whitewashing anti-Semitism, and, “of course” for George W. Bush’s policies, including the Iraq war. They even expelled the son of the founder of their magazine, Christopher Buckley, when they thought he was not enough of a conformist sort of conservative.

Recently, once again, all the pro Iraq war propaganda was punctured by an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at George W. Bush. That journalist at the moment is in a torture jail in the Green Zone in Baghdad. He needs all the help possible from anti torture public opinion everywhere. Even from anti torture conservatives.

According to the New York Times, this Wednesday a criminal prosecution may start against the journalist. Every day in prison may turn out to be a deathly day for any prisoner in Iraq.

One National Review employee is called Mark Hemingway. Probably not in the slightest way related to Ernest Hemingway, judging from his writing. Mark Hemingway tries to defend the Iraq war, even now that the shoes thrown at George W. Bush have shown what the pro war propaganda is worth. Remember the Bushist predictions of flowers which would be thrown at George W. Bush and his armed representatives? And now, this reality. In the Green Zone of all places, where all “disloyalty” is supposed to never make it through all the endless body searches and other checks.

The Iraq war which killed over a million people, mainly civilians. The Iraq war, of which a Republican employed by the US Bush administration itself, has reported officially that there has been basically no reconstruction after 2003. The Iraq war which made over four million Iraqis refugees according to United Nations figures. The Iraq war which set back Iraqi women’s rights terribly. The Iraq war which set back Iraqi gay rights terribly (the National Review will not mind as they hate gay rights and women’s rights). The Iraq war which brought more torture of more prisoners to Iraq than even under Saddam Hussein. The Iraq war based on lies about so-called WMD in Iraq. The Iraq war based on lies of Iraq having anything to do with 9/11. The Iraq war which killed over 4,200 United States soldiers, mutilated many more, and still counting.

Mark Hemingway tries to defend this war. I will spare the readers of this blog from quoting his whole longish failure in doing that. I’ll limit myself to this paragraph:

A not atypical liberal blogger, Dear Kitty, responded, “It is a pity there was no Iraqi woman journalist with Manolo Blahniks at Bush’s news conference,” referring to absurdly expensive, hazardously sharp-angled women’s shoes preferred on Sex and the City. Perhaps Ms. Kitty wishes harm to the president, but it’s safe to say if Iraqi journalists end up wearing $400 shoes and spending all their free time kvetching about their lady troubles at hot clubs in downtown Baghdad, W.’s legacy is secure.

Yeah, “if Iraqi journalists” … maybe the most gigantic IF in world history 🙂

Mr Hemingway “forgot” the rest of my quote, immediately after the one sentence which he did quote. My complete paragraph is:

It is a pity there was no Iraqi woman journalist with Manolo Blahniks at Bush´s news conference. Extremely implausible, as women´s rights have become much worse in Iraq after Bush invaded in 2003. And that most women cannot afford non cholera drinking water and/or electricity, let alone Manolo Blahniks.

Mr Hemingway, it seems, still has to get his first lessons in understanding humour, hyperbole, and sarcasm. Humour, even while writing about the slaughterhouse which the Bush administration made in Iraq. Oh yeah, and even if that one and lonely Manolo Blahnik wearing Iraqi woman journalist would a) exist in reality b) have been admitted to the Bush press conference, then that one woman would not prove anything about Iraqi women being supposedly comfortable and about shoes being supposedly 100% of their lives. As even owning Manolo Blahniks, or a good car like Mary Awanis did, do not prevent Iraqi women from being killed by Bush’s paramilitary mercenaries in Baghdad.

Unfortunately, I have no time for free lessons in humour for conservatives who lack it. So I will just post the video trailer of the Sex and the City film here.

Me, “A not atypical liberal blogger”? I never try to be “a not atypical” anything. I am an individual. I write what I think. Contrary to paid employees of the National Review, who cannot ever forget that they have to toe the line of pro Bush, pro Iraq war, whatever the reality. As young Mr Christopher Buckley has found out when he was sacked.

The National Review side in the USA have lost the November elections. They should get over it. Apparently, they have trouble doing so. So, they say: let’s take out the disaster of Bush’s Iraq war on bloggers and on a fictional TV series about women. You don’t want to do that, employee? Then, you will get the Christopher Buckley treatment.

How great that the only person at this blog able to sack me is me. And I don’t have any intentions to do that soon.

British comedian Mark Steel on the shoe-throwing: here.

18 thoughts on “Iraq, Manolo Blahniks, and conservative rants

  1. Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters,

    Watch the video
    1. Watch the video
    2. Send it to friends and family

    The Bush administration isn’t about to let democracy or the will of the people stop them from further ruining this country before they leave office. Knowing he can’t get his long list of favors to his Republican cronies through Congress, Bush is doing a last minute end-run, jamming as many rules through the executive branch as he can during his waning days in power. These so-called “midnight regulations” will allow factories to pollute more, further restrict women’s access to abortion services, cut off aid to needy families in the middle of a recession, and much more — all without Congress’ oversight or approval. It’s wrong, it’s antidemocratic, but, sadly, it’s legal.

    When given the opportunity to be “naughty or nice” this holiday season, Bush has clearly opted to go down as one of the naughtiest, most sinister presidents in our nation’s history. We’ve created a satirical spin on the famous poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, in order to show President Bush crafting his last-minute agenda for health care, the environment, civil liberties, and labor practices — rules that will affect everyone and will be difficult for the next administration to overturn. We are using humor here in the hopes that it both commands people’s attention and enables us to shine a light on these all-too-serious midnight regulations.

    Watch the video:

    After you’ve enjoyed this video, send it to friends and family and don’t forget to digg it. Let them know the harm President Bush’s midnight regulations will bring. And stress the fact that there are far too many Congressional representatives who have remained silent while Bush pushes midnight regulations that will wreak havoc on the lives of their constituents and local communities. We must call the tacit approval of these representatives into question.

    Keep in mind that it’s not just voters in blue states who will be affected — these midnight regulations will hurt people in the states and districts of Bush’s enablers in Congress. And remember that these last-minute policies are the outcome of Congressional Republicans’ loyal support for the Bush agenda over the past eight years. We should hold them accountable for the huge lump of coal Bush is handing over to the nation this Christmas.

    Robert Greenwald
    and the Brave New Films team


  2. Hi Kitty, The far right is scared and crazy right now. I’m surprised he didn’t call you a muslim terrorist or something. “A not atypical liberal blogger”. It sounds like he just barely graduated from the Harvard school of contemptuous and dismissive journalism. “Bottom of the class, but I got my diploma! Dad’s lined me up a swell job at the National Review!”


  3. Military Brutalized Zaidi
    Muntadhar al-Zaidi suffered a broken hand, broken ribs and internal bleeding, as well as an eye injury.

    Iraqis Turn Out for Zaidi
    Ten of thousands of people throughout Iraq have demonstrated in support of Zaidi.

    Video: Flying Shoes Create a Hero In Arab World
    “The flying shoe speaks more for Arab public opinion than all the despots/puppets that Bush meets with during his travels in the Middle East.”

    Weapon of the Occupied
    Forget the cultural differences when it comes to the meaning of shoes for a moment and focus on the real question: will an occupied people ever accept their occupiers?

    Can This Be True?: Iraq Journalists Union Condemns Zaidi [!]
    In Baghdad, the head of the Iraqi union of journalists described Zaidi’s action as “strange and unprofessional” but urged clemency.



    Surge in GI/Vet Resistance and Support
    “Here in Germany it was established that everyone, even a soldier, must take responsibility for his or her actions, no matter how many superiors are giving orders.”

    A Place for Soldiers to Talk
    “Through promoting GI resistance, there will come a day when commanders will not have the faith in their soldiers to send them out to do the immoral things that they’re ordering them to do. And once that happens, the military can’t prosecute these wars anymore.”


  5. The ANSWER Coalition is joining with other coalitions, organizations, and networks in a March 21 National Coalition to bring people from all walks of life and from all cities across the United States to take part in a March on the Pentagon on the sixth anniversary of the Iraq war: Saturday, March 21.

    Iraq The Iraqi journalist Muntather Al-Zaidi spoke for millions of Iraqis and outraged people everywhere when he threw his shoes at George Bush during Bush’s publicity stunt “victory lap” in Baghdad yesterday. As he threw his shoes, Muntather said, “This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog! This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq!”

    Tragically, the criminal occupation of Iraq will not be over even by the sixth anniversary of the start of the war in March 2009. People around the world will be marching together on the sixth anniversary in the strongest possible solidarity with the people of Iraq demanding an end to the occupation of their country.

    Marking the sixth anniversary of the criminal invasion of Iraq, on March 21, 2009, thousands will March on the Pentagon to say, “Bring the Troops Home NOW!” We will also demand “End Colonial Occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Everywhere” and “Fund Peoples’ Needs Not Militarism and Bank Bailouts.” We will insist on an end to the war threats and economic sanctions against Iran. We will say no to the illegal U.S. program of detention and torture.

    To endorse the March 21 March on the Pentagon, click here. To sign up to be a Transportation Organizing Center, click here.

    While millions of families are losing their homes, jobs and healthcare, the real military budget next year will top one trillion dollars–that’s $1,000,000,000,000. If used to meet people’s needs, that amount could create 10 million new jobs at $60,000 per year, provide healthcare for everyone who does not have it now, rebuild New Orleans, and repair much of the damage done in Iraq and Afghanistan. The cost for the occupation of Iraq alone is $400 million each day, or about $12 billion each month.

    The war in Iraq has killed, wounded or displaced nearly one third of Iraq’s 26 million people. Thousands of U.S. soldiers have been killed, and hundreds of thousands more have suffered severe physical and psychological wounds. The U.S. leaders who have initiated and conducted this criminal war should be tried and jailed for war crimes.

    The idea that the U.S. is in the process of ending the criminal occupation of Iraq is a myth. Washington and its dependent Iraqi government signed a “Status of Forces” agreement, supposedly calling for the U.S. military to leave Iraqi cities by July 1, 2009, and all of Iraq by 2012. But even this outrageous extension of an illegal occupation is just one more piece of deception, as was soon made clear by top U.S. and Iraqi officials.

    The ink was hardly dry on the agreement when, on December 12, official Iraq government spokesman Ali al Dabbagh dismissed the idea that U.S. troops would leave by 2012: “We do understand that the Iraqi military is not going to get built out in the three years. We do need many more years. It might be 10 years.”

    The next day, General Raymond Odierno, commander of “coalition (U.S.) forces” in Iraq, stated that thousands of U.S. troops could remain inside Iraqi cities after July 1, 2009, as part of “training and mentoring teams.”

    Government propaganda aside, the reality remains that only the people can end the war and occupation in Iraq. To endorse the March 21 March on the Pentagon, click here, and to sign up to be a Transportation Organizing Center, click here.

    The war in Afghanistan is expanding. The incoming administration and Congressional leaders have promised to send in more troops.

    Federal bailouts and loan guarantees for the biggest banks and investors, many of whom have also made billions in profits from militarism, are already up to an astounding $7.2 trillion this year. None of that money is earmarked for keeping millions of foreclosed and evicted families in their homes.

    Coming just two months after the inauguration of the next president, the March 21, 2009, March on the Pentagon will be a critical opportunity to let the new administration in Washington hear the voice of the people demanding an immediate end to war and occupation, and demanding economic justice. Joint actions will take place on the West Coat in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

    Again, to endorse the March 21 March on the Pentagon, click here, and to sign up to be a Transportation Organizing Center, click here.

    Brian Becker
    National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition


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