Shoes thrown at Belgian bank fat cats

This video is a Dutch parody of a Fortis bank TV commercial.

After shoes were thrown at George W. Bush for his Iraq war with over a million dead, four million refugees, torture, etc., other people were inspired by this example.

In the Netherlands, according to NRC Handelsblad daily, children have invented a game which they call “Bushing”. Children jumping on a trampoline try to duck shoes thrown by their playmates.

And today, Bloomberg news agency reports from Belgium:

Fortis’s board of directors, seeking approval for the sale of banking units in Belgium and Luxembourg to France’s BNP Paribas SA, faced shareholder anger over the breakup of the financial-services company.

Chairman Jozef De Mey suspended the annual meeting in Ghent, Belgium, today for about half an hour after investors besieged the stage and threw shoes aimed at him. Investors booed and called for the resignation of the three-member board after Fortis refused to let shareholders vote on the voting rights of contested shares.

Finally, the fat cats got what they wanted at the meeting; as at such meetings, one big boss can outvote many small shareholders.

It is to be hoped, that unlike the original Iraqi shoe-thrower, these Dutch children and Belgian small shareholders won’t be tortured and won’t go to jail.

Iraqi shoe thrower inundated with offers and gifts: here.

4 thoughts on “Shoes thrown at Belgian bank fat cats

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