British government privatizes mail service

This video from Britain is called Peter Mandelson confronted over MPs’ expense claims.

From British daily The Morning Star:

A slimy act of treason

(Tuesday 16 December 2008)

NEW Labour‘s reputation for duplicity and conspiracy against workers’ interests was further enhanced on Tuesday by [Lord] Peter Mandelson‘s announcement that the government has accepted the Hooper report.

He says that Royal Mail will “forge a strategic minority partnership” with another operator.

We say that the government has stuck a knife in the ribs of a publicly owned, comprehensive postal service.

Not only has Mr Mandelson got his way over ditching Labour’s manifesto commitment to keeping the Royal Mail in public hands but Dutch transnational TNT has already put its snout in the frame as a “credible partner.”

And, once again, while the privateers will reap rewards, the losses will be nationalised, since the taxpayer will be responsible for covering the deficit in the Royal Mail pension fund.

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Gordon Brown faces backbench rebellion from Labour MPs over plans to part-privatise Royal Mail: here. And here.

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