Afghans support Iraqi shoe-thrower

This video is called Bush Shoe Game.

From AFP news agency:

The footwear continues to fly

December 17 2008

Kabul – A hugely popular Afghan comedy show is to reconstruct the infamous George W Bush shoe hurling incident – only this time the US president gets it in the face.

Bush is highly unpopular among most ordinary Afghans and footage of the US president ducking as an Iraqi journalist hurled two shoes in his direction has been shown repeatedly on television here.

Now a satirical show has used actors to reconstruct Sunday’s press conference in Baghdad, ensuring that this time the shoe hits Bush in the face.

The producer of the show, “Zang-i-Khatar” (Alert Bell), said he wanted to send a message of solidarity with Iraq.

“The aim of the programme, besides making people laugh… is to convey solidarity with the people and journalists of Iraq,” Hanif Hamgaam said ahead of the show’s airing on Wednesday evening.

Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi became an instant star in the Muslim world when he threw his shoes at Bush on Sunday during the US leader’s farewell visit to the country invaded by American forces in 2003.

It is to be hoped that the Afghan comedians will not be arrested and tortured for this, like happened to Muntazer al-Zaidi; see also here and here. George W. Bush’s ‘new’ Afghanistan has a record of media censorship; of death sentences for journalism; etc.

Bush shoe throwing Internet game: here.

Iraqi officials arrested over coup plot against prime minister: here.

Iraq: Brown’s guilt is undeniable: here.

17 thoughts on “Afghans support Iraqi shoe-thrower

  1. Zaidi Still Imprisoned
    If convicted, he could be imprisoned for seven to 15 years.

    Iraqi Lawyers’ Union President Defends Zaidi
    “He only freely expressed himself to the occupier, and he has such a right according to international law.”

    The Shoes We Longed For
    The instant reply to any criticism of “insulting a guest” was: “Bush is a mass murderer and a war criminal who sneaked into Baghdad. He killed a million Iraqis. He burned the country down.”

    Online “Shoe” Game is Runaway Hit
    The game gives a running total of shoes to have hit Bush in the face — there were 6,722,892 successful hits at the time of writing.


  2. Bush History-NeoCon: WMD Findings were Irrelevent All Along to War
    Decision? – 12/18

    A Bush neo-con has admitted that Bush said on this date in 2002 that
    war with Iraq was “inevitable”, even though WMD inspectors had yet to
    report their findings. Evidence on the ground mattered little, it
    seems. Also on this date, happy talk from Bush & Cheney about Iraq,
    while anarchy reigned there. Also, Bush passes the buck, and a Bushism.

    Today’s category: Betraying the CIA, Corruption/Conflicts of Interest,
    Human Rights/Human Wrongs, Hypocrisy


  3. Al-Zaidi Still Disappeared
    How badly injured Mr. Zaidi was by members of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s security detail is not clear. He has not appeared in public since his arrest, and his family members and his legal representatives say they have not been permitted to visit him.

    Shoes that United Iraq
    No one asked after Muntadhar’s religion or sect, but they all loved his message.

    U.S. Troops Fire on Al-Zaidi Supporters
    “We demonstrated to express our support for Muntazar al-Zaidi, but we were surprised with the entrance of the US military,” said Ahmed Ismail, one of the protesters. “Unconsciously, we raised our shoes expressing our support for al-Zaidi, but they attacked us.”

    Generals Already Sidestepping SOFA “Deadlines”
    One way commanders say they will try to meet that first deadline is by effectively reassigning combat troops to training and support of the Iraqis, even though the difference would be in some cases semantic because armed American troops would still go on combat patrols with their Iraqi counterparts.

    SOFA Whitewashing War and Occupation
    The SOFA clearly ends any legitimate claim that America’s presence in Iraq is an occupation at all. From the looks of it, the end of the war and the beginning of a long-term friendship look very much the same.


  4. Dear IVAW Supporter,
    Holiday Support for War Resisters

    As many of us prepare to spend this holiday season with our family and loved ones, I ask that you keep in your thoughts the men and women in the military who are risking everything to take a stand against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the military’s mistreatment of service members.

    PFC Tony Anderson, PFC Robin Long, and Pvt. Daniel Sandate will be spending the New Year in military prison. PFC Anderson and PFC Long were jailed for 14 and 15 months respectively for their refusal to deploy to Iraq. Pvt. Sandate was sentenced to 8 months in military prison after going AWOL when his repeated attempts to receive mental health care for his PTSD were denied by the Army.

    Benji Lewis and SPC Blake Ivey are publicly taking bold stands against the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and could face eventual court martial. SPC Andre Shepherd is the first U.S. soldier to seek asylum in Germany after refusing to deploy to Iraq.

    Your warm wishes and encouragement means a lot to these brave men who are facing much uncertainty and hardship. Please take a moment to send a note of support this holiday season.

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  5. Report of fact-finding mission : Press freedom in free-fall in run-up to presidential election

    Respect for press freedom has fallen sharply in recent weeks in Afghanistan. The murder of Jawed Ahmad, a stringer for various Canadian news media, in Kandahar, the newspaper Payman’s closure as a result of pressure from conservatives and the government, and the supreme court’s confirmation of Perwiz Kambakhsh’s 20-year jail sentence are all evidence that press freedom is in serious crisis.

    Reporters Without Borders today released the report of a fact-finding visit to Afghanistan in January. Entitled “We have free speech, but we’re not safe and we don’t act responsibly,” it evaluates the gains for press freedom from Hamid Karzai’s seven years as president.

    Reporters Without Borders is an organization which often supports Western neocolonialism, including wars. That even they now have to admit that George W. Bush’s war in Afghanistan did not bring the “democracy” which Bush’s propaganda talked about, is significant.

    “Co-founder and general secretary (for life) of the French association Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF), [French Senator] Mélenchon remarks in his blog that the RSF “has shrunken, becoming this one individual” whose defense of civil liberties depends, in an opportunistic way, on the government in question, “being incapable of even token criticism of the use of torture by the U.S., or of seeking legal aid for those detained in Guantanamo.” “


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