Chinese dinosaurs exhibited in the Netherlands


According to Dutch news agency ANP, there will be an exhibition of dinosaurs from China, at the Natural History Museum in Maastricht.

The exhibition at the museum will be from 9 February till 27 April 2008.

ANP says (translated):

Apart from four big skeletons, like a 26 meter long Mamenchisaurus, also smaller fossils, dinosaur eggs, nests and tracks will be on show. This will be the first time that those fossils will be on show in Europe.

“Thanks to those finds from China, we are getting a clearer picture of our own Maastricht dinosaur, of which we only know small loose bones”, according to a local authority spokesperson. The Maastricht dinosaur will be on show for the first time ever. Its skeleton is being reconstructed right now.

Marsupial mammal from the age of dinosaurs, Maastrichtidelphys: here.

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